At a flea markte I bought a book about video that dates 1982. The appendix shows a table of worldwide TV systems, voltages and frequencies. Some entries were that weird I wanted to share them - just for fun.
It is sorted by TV systmes.
NTSC: USA System M channels A2-13, A14-83 120, 230, 240V 60Hz b/w: USA

UK I 21-68 240/415V 60 (!) Hz, UK
Hongkong I E21-60 200/220/346V 50 Hz
Ireland (ROI) I A-J, 29-43 220/380V 50Hz, Belgian
Luxembourg C, G E 7, 27 110/220V (???) 50 Hz Belgian
NZ B NZ 1-10 230/240/415V, 50Hz CCIR
Norway: 230V only. No 3ph???
South Africa I I4-13, 21-68 220/230/380V 50 Hz, UK

Cyprus B (H) E 5-11 115/400V 50 Hz CCIR
Luxembourg L(V) 21 380V 50 Hz Belgian
Sowjet Union D, K(V) R1-12, 21-69 127/220/380V 50Hz OIRT

All other Eastern block countries aren't even mentioned. GDR had SECAM, some others supposedly as well, others PAL. There are still some videos around that have a sticker: SECAM (GDR) reception!