motor label wiring is listed as

low speed high speed

t1---- line 1 ------t6
t2---- line 2 ------t4
t3---- line 3 ------t5

t4---- t1-t2-t3 tied together

going with this when we hook up for low speed we have connected t1 to line 1, t2 to line 2 , t3 to line 3. leaving t4,t5,t6 not connected to anything.

when we hook up for high speed we tied t6 to line 1, t4 to line 2, t5 to line 3 and joining t1,t2,t3 together with a wirenut, the controller we have is a device that lookes like a fork blades that connect the motor together just as we do when we bypass the controller and hook direct, we have 6 motor leads going to 6 leads on the controller......