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Electrical Supplies Finder

    The Basic Listings in our Databases are Free, without obligation to all Licensed Electricians, Electrical Contractors and Wholesale Suppliers. To qualify You should have an Registered Business Name, Telephone Number and a valid E-mail address. Your Listing will appear as in the example (actual search result) as circled in Blue, in alphabetical order. Your Listing will be searchable (you can be found) by Name, Telephone Area Code, and Zip Code.

Electrician Finder

     The Enhanced Listings  are listed Before the Basic Listings. (shown circled in Red) They are also searchable in the same ways and have additional features.
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Listing Process:
(You might want to Print this out)


  • Step one   Check to see if you're already Listed you can do this by searching your area code, zip code, or name (Please note that if you don't enter name exactly as in Listing it may not show up - even spaces would throw it off, so Searching by Telephone Area Code is ).  To do this go to either the Electrician Finder or the Supplies Finder depending on who/what you are.
  • Step two     If You are already listed  You should go through the Add/Update Process 
  • You can Change The Information that is Seen in Your Listing.
  • It would allow you to select the different services that you perform (and would like to be found under when we improve our Database Search Capabilities) and you will choose a password for your Listing so that you can change it at any time. 
  • Step three     If You're not listed or if you want to Change Something (you should do this at least 1 time so that you get a password for your Listing) Click the Add/Change Listing at top of the Search Page or use one of the Free Listing Links Below
  • Step four     Enter your Telephone Number and E-Mail Address (If you're changing a listing you must enter the Telephone Number as it appears in the existing Listing) If this is your first time doing this leave the password field Blank (Within a minute or so, depending on your E-Mail Service, a Temporary password will be E-Mailed to the address that you entered.)
  • Step five     Go back to the same Add/Change Screen and use that Temporary password.  You should now be in the Edit Screen where you can Enter or Change your Listing Information (Be sure to change your Password to something you can remember) You can now choose the Enhanced Listing if you wish and choose Services that you Supply and enter a Description of Yourself or your Company.
  • After a short Review Process, usually within 24 hrs. your Listing will be available in the Database. You will be Notified by E-Mail when it is Approved.

That's it, You're Done.

You may repeat this Process any time now with your chosen password and E-mail address. Please notify us of any difficulties, or with any questions.


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