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New TechnologiesIn this area We will present Technologies that are in use today, or are being developed, that in some way impact the way We Work and the way We Live. There are new discoveries taking place every day and new applications being found for old ones. 

     Some of these changes will open up whole new markets for installation (and repair). Some will change the way we Design or Install and others will be used as tools to aid in Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Repair. 

     The possibilities are enormous, and whether we like it or not these changes are continually taking place, and to "keep up" We have to be acquainted with them. We will try to cover as many topics as are relevant. 

As always, your Contributions and Suggestions are Welcome. 


Photo Courtesy of Thermal Vision (Ireland)

Photo Courtesy of www.plcs.net your Personal PLC Tutor

Photo Courtesy of Alaska United Fiber Optic Cable System