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Our databases are searched many times per day by people looking for an Electrician/Electrical Contractor or Electrical Supplier.

With an Enhanced Listing your chances of being seen are increased because you move to the top of the Results Page for the areas that you're Listed in.

You can list your Services, Specialties and Contact Information. You'll have a paragraph to describe Your Company and Services. Includes a Mail Link and a Website Link (if you have one) and a Map Button (for Suppliers, if desired) For this Service we charge $119.95 per year . (that's just over 30 cents per day) You can also add your Listing to additional Area Codes for a small additional charge. (Currently $12/year for each additional area code)

We also have a "Universal Listing" Package that includes all area codes and zip codes for $199/mo. With this option, your listing would be seen by all searchers, this is great exposure for Web-Based Suppliers!

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