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Safety at Work

    Safety is important issue everywhere, however certain aspects of the Workplace Environment can make it extremely imperative that individuals have basic Safety "Savvy".

  •     In most situations employees have no control over the Safety of their Workplace Environment. It is often taken for granted that the Employer is monitoring any potentially hazardous conditions and would inform it's Employees to beware of any such situations or conditions. This is not always the case and the fault cannot blindly be placed on the Employer. Assuming that the Employer is concerned with such issues, they still must depend on the knowledge, dedication, and communication of it's Employees to provide a Safety Conscious Workplace. This is where participation in a Safety-oriented program presenting basic safety knowledge (and specifics to a particular Workplace) and skills should be made a part of "Business as Usual" and avenues for further answers or information should be provided to those interested or concerned.

  •     For those in occupations that are exposed daily to Electrical Equipment and Wiring Systems, such as those involved in Maintenance or any of the Trades the importance of Current Safety Education and Information cannot be understated. Through "familiarity" with Electrical components and constant exposure to them, it is only Human Nature to take some things for granted. These "Professionals" often have a tendency to ignore basic safety practices to get the job done faster or cheaper. 

  •     Many unqualified individuals are known to practice Electrical Work simply because they've "seen it done a million times" and have never had a bad experience. Many Businesses and even large corporations have Electrical work performed by their employees, (which may not be totally qualified for the services they perform) Though most of these tasks performed may be minor, and often considered temporary, they should be performed in "a Neat and Workmanlike Manner" and "according to all applicable codes and standards."

    In the Workplace, Safety Conditions should be monitored closely and taken very seriously as they can affect many. Many Accidents and Injuries can been prevented with just a little more attention to basic safety principles. The Links presented here will supply you with more specific and authoritative Information.

Also, see Workers' Rights page @ Osha

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