Submitted by: Mr. John Hanlon, PE (via Joe Tedesco)

Photo submitted by Mr. John Hanlon, PE via Joe Tedesco

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Date: Fri, 28 Apr 00 08:37AM EDT

From: "Hanlon, John" <>

Subject: Code/Safety Violation?

This photo is a Bell and Gosset variable speed pump controller as it arrived from the factory. The drive is located behind the disconnect, and is an ABB drive. For some reason it does not seem safe to be reaching around the conductors to program the drive! The conductors would be energized because the power would have to be on to program the drive. Are there any violations here that you know of?

John Hanlon, PE

Associate Mechanical Construction Engineer

New York State OGS Design & Construction


(A Correction from John) 05/02/00

It appears I was mistaken on the VSD
manufacturer it is a Square D not ABB. The pump controller, VSD & bypass
contactor is a standard assembly from Bell & Gosset. Each of the separate
units are UL listed, including the cabinet but there does not appear to be a
UL listing for the assembled unit.

.....The unit was energized yesterday by a Factory authorized representative. I
have sent a request to the manufacturer for their input on the safety issue

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