Selected Electrical Incidents and Occurrences

First Quarter - January to March, 2005


Date &         Program       Location       Accident Description




Special Notice:


February 1st          Construction        Sault Ste. Marie  Two electricians accidentally discovered that a circuit

1071362                                                                                                was live.  The circuit had been locked out, someone

                                                                                                removed the lock and tag.  No-one injured, circuit was







There were no fatalities of an electrical nature reported to the Ministry for the first quarter of 2005.



Critical Injuries:


January 10th           Industrial               Windsor                                Electrician was changing a backup battery in a panel, metal

1069965                                                                                  frame of eyeglasses contacted a power source.  Worker

                                                                                                received a shock, briefly lost consciousness, suffered minor

                                                                                                facial burns.



Non-Critical Injuries:


January 17th           Industrial               Waterloo               Worker received shock from 600 V source while working on a

1063800                                                                                  machine.  Received minor burns to left hand.


January 19th           Industrial               Sarnia                     Worker received shock from microphone, taken to hospital

1070504                                                                                  then released.  A small fire had broken out at an electrical

                                                                                                panel just before the worker received the shock.


January 20th           Industrial               Thunder Bay         Electrician received a shock while opening up a 600 V panel.

1070520                                                                                  Current path was hand-to-hand across the chest.  Worker taken

                                                                                                to hospital then released.


January 28th           Industrial               London                  Worker received an electrical shock when changing a light

1063029                                                                                  bulb.  Kept at hospital for observation.


February 4th           Industrial               Hamilton                Worker was sweeping floor next to panel.  Made electrical

1060536                                                                                  contact, received 1st to 3rd degree burns from knee to ankle.

                                                                                                No information given on how worker managed to make

                                                                                                contact with live parts inside panel.


February 8th           Mining                   Sudbury                 Workers were racking in a 600 V breaker, fault occurred.

1063635                                                                                  One electrician received minor burns to left wrist and face.


February 11th         Construction         Toronto                 Worker doing work on electrical panel, received a shock and

1061063                                                                                  burns to left hand.  Taken to hospital for treatment.


February 17th         Industrial               London                  Worker was doing routine check of electrical equipment.

1070508                                                                                  Guard fell off, worker received 347 V shock.  Worker taken to



February 18th         Construction         Pickering                Electrician installing new fibre boards under existing cable

1072101                                                                                  pans.  Received shock when right elbow contacted damaged

                                                                                                energized cable.  Worker taken to hospital and released.


February 21st         Industrial               Marathon              Worker was flipping on lights at the breaker panel, breaker

1072147                                                                                  shorted to ground giving a loud bang.  Worker has ringing in

                                                                                                and tingling in arm on same side.  Taken to hospital for



March 9th               Industrial               Hearst                    Worker went to turn off lights, switch did not have a

1071288                                                                                  coverplate.  Keys in hand touched wires, worker received

                                                                                                burns to fingers of one hand.


March 15th             Industrial               Toronto                 Worker dispensing solvent through hose into tank.  Vapours

1026278                                                                                  ignited, probably due to static electricity.  Worker received

                                                                                                burns to face.


March 15th             Industrial               Bowmanville         Worker received burns to hands and eyes, taken to hospital.

1072588                                                                                  Control panel contained wires energized at 4160 V, no details

                                                                                                given of how worker was injured.


March 18th             Industrial               Scarborough         Worker repairing electrical test equipment, received a 500V

1072597                                                                                  shock.  Suffered blisters to both hands, taken to hospital.


March 24th             Industrial               Mississauga         Worker doing repair work on machine, touched wires,

1073796                                                                                  received electrical shock.  No other details given.




Powerline Contacts – No Injuries:


January 6th             Construction         Woodbridge         Event classified as powerline contact, no other details given.



January 13th           Construction         Wiarton                 Contact made with powerline, no other details given.



January 24th           Construction         Wawa                     Backhoe contacted overhead powerline.



February 4th           Construction         Barrie                      Workers excavating a duct bank, made electrical contact.

1063605                                                                                  Locates had been done.




February 10th         Construction         Municipality         Contact made with neutral of overhead line.  Type of

1061261                                                  not given               equipment involved not given.


February 11th         Construction         Mississauga         Communications cable cut, no other details given.



February 12th         Construction         Markham               Workers were digging, hit a buried 16 kV line.

1070673                                                                                  Locates had been done.


February 14th         Construction         Hamilton                Electrical contact reported to Ministry. 

1060805                                                                                  No other details given.


February 16th         Construction         Barrie                      Workers doing drilling, contacted a buried cable.



February 18th         Construction         Thornhill                Tree trimming, branches fell on 16 kV powerline.



February 23rd         Construction         Municipality         Powerline contact, no other details given.

1061507                                                  not given


February 25th         Construction         London                  Boom raised, contacted 16 kV powerline.



March 1st                Construction         Dunnville               Contractor made contact with energized conductor, no

1061995                                                                                  other details given.


March 1st                Construction         Tilbury                   Workers doing conversion of old transformer system.

1071432                                                                                  Minor arc occurred, no details given as to what caused the arc.


March 9th               Construction         Ottawa                   Buried cable dug up, no other details given.



March 9th               Mining                   Sudbury                 Craneman was lifting a load out of an electrolytic tank, saw

1070632                                                                                  sparking.  Section of tank had not been de-energized before

                                                                                                lift was made, direct contact made between anodes and



March 10th             Construction         Cayuga                  Event description said ‘electrical contact’, no other details

1066249                                                                                  given.


March 16th             Construction         Brampton               Primary cable cut, no other details given.



March 16th             Construction         Toronto                 Worker using BOBCAT to remove debris, contacted 208V

1070436                                                                                  cable.


March 16th             Construction         Southampton        Crew using aerial device to replace de-energized conductor.

1073183                                                                                  Knuckle on boom touched the temporary 2400 V line.




March 17th             Construction         Ajax                        REVENGE OF THE POWER CABLES.  Dumptruck box in

1072596                                                                                  air as truck was moved, box hooked the power and telephone

                                                                                                lines.  This time, the dumptruck wound up on its side.  Power

                                                                                                was still kicked off though.


March 23rd             Construction         Ottawa                   Streetlight cable dug up.  Locates had been done.



March 23rd             Construction         Embrun                  Dumptruck hit powerline.



March 29th             Industrial               Thunder Bay         Worker was using a long pole, contacted an overhead wire.

1052062                                                                                  Power kicked off, no injuries reported for worker.


March 30th             Construction         Toronto                 Forklift cut the power line, also dropped skid of waterproofing

1071077                                                                                  onto a car.




DATA SUMMARY - First quarter of different years:


                                Fatals:                    Criticals:              Non-criticals:                       Powerline              Electrical

                                                                                                                                                Contacts:               Equipment:


2005                            0                                1                               15                                         25                             0

2004                            1                                6                               25                                         19                             0

2003                            0                                5                               14                                         22                             0

2002                            0                                5                               18                                           8                              0

2001                            1                                7                               21                                         11                             1


2000                            1                              12                              10                                         16                             3

1999                            1                                7                               16                                         13                             1

1998                            1                                9                                7                                             9                              0



And Finally…..


Many events came close, including the one where a worker called from his hospital, asking about the legislated requirements for wearing fall arrest, but none were sufficiently off-the-wall to be included here.


Information taken from Ministry of Labour MIS database

Report prepared: July 29, 2005


Assembled by:     Michael Reiser


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