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#9325 - 04/24/02 05:32 PM Is this possible?
Joe2 Offline
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First of all I'm not an electrician but I have learned a lot here and enjoy your site.

I'm a mobile DJ and have frequent problems getting enough power. A fellow DJ posted a new product that supposedly takes the imput amperage and converts to a supply 3 times the imput.

I'm familiar with electrical theory and think this product is a hoax.

Please post your comments/evaluation.

Here's the link;



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#9326 - 04/24/02 07:10 PM Re: Is this possible?
caselec Offline
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The only way your are going to get 3 times the current is if you reduce the voltage by 1/3 which means your lights are going to be very dim. This box appears to be a transformer with 2 duplex receptacles mounted on it. I would like to see how its wired. A 20A 120V circuit is rated for 2400W max and there is really no way you are going to get more out of it. I would love to have something like this for my entire house to reduce the utility bill to 1/3 of what it is now. It will be interesting to see what others have to say.
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#9327 - 04/24/02 07:14 PM Re: Is this possible?
arseegee Offline
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Will this increase capacity... yes. Would I run it in line with any sensitive electronic equipment... no. This is what looks like a GE buck/boost transformer which lowers or raises secondary voltage. Thus lowering or raising your amperage capacity. This unit likely boosts 10% and since line voltage varies from place to place it could damage your rig. I started out over 15 years ago in audio and stage lighting which led me into the electrical field. I know what your up against with power hungry amplifiers and dimmer packs and there is no good substitute for good line voltage with the appropriate sized conductor under the correct sized breaker. Would not risk it with this fine apperatus. We always carried our own power distro for this. Perhaps that would be an option for you.
#9328 - 04/24/02 08:13 PM Re: Is this possible?
The Watt Doctor Offline
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What's the input voltage?
Notice the following:
Nothing is free. You can't put $.50 worth of electricity into a machine, and get a $1.50 out of it. This so called power pusher is nothing more than (a transformer) $100.00 or less in parts, slapped together with some romex, and sold for $450.00 dollars.
No offense intended, just my opinion.

Pushologically Yours,
The Watt Doctor
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#9329 - 04/24/02 08:49 PM Re: Is this possible?
Bjarney Offline
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I'll bet this is what they're doing with the 45,000 recalled "Power Planers" talked about at:
#9330 - 04/25/02 03:58 AM Re: Is this possible?
Redsy Offline
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Loc: Bucks County PA
The suplemental receptacle mounting screws are missing.
#9331 - 04/25/02 04:43 AM Re: Is this possible?
pauluk Offline
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Loc: Norfolk, England
Hi Joe,

Definitely a strong smell of rodent here!

You can't pull power out of thin air. If the input is 120V at 20A max. then you can't have more than 2400 watts available on the output, and even that's assuming that whatever is inside that box is 100% efficient.

As has been mentioned already, the only way to get 3 times the current is to reduce the voltage proportionally, i.e. 60A at 40V also comes to 2400W. But try running lamps designed for 120V on 40V and they won't pull anywhere near that amount of power. You'd be lucky if they just glimmered faintly.

It would certainly be interesting to see what's inside the unit, but I doubt anyone here would be willing to pay $449 to find out.

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#9332 - 04/25/02 08:13 AM Re: Is this possible?
DB Offline
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Loc: St. Louis
Just another thought on this product.

It could be a variable step up transformer. The intent is to account for the voltage drop. This would actually decrease the current demand of the equipment.

Doubt very much it could account for the big gains in the claim though. However, it could be the difference between being able to do the DJ show and not doing the DJ show.

Do you know anyone in your field that has tried one?
#9333 - 04/25/02 08:49 AM Re: Is this possible?
Redsy Offline
Registered: 03/28/01
Posts: 2056
Loc: Bucks County PA
This device claims to produce 3 times the electricity supplied. It is a scam. Nothing less.
If anyone is interested, I have a slightly used perpetual motion machine that I will let you have for a mere $1,000.00.
I also am an authorized Snake Oil distributor.
#9334 - 04/25/02 09:58 AM Re: Is this possible?
WARREN1 Offline
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Just for those who want to know more about buck-boost transformers, go here:
Hope this works.
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