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#8815 - 04/05/02 03:16 AM Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
njelectricmaster Offline
Registered: 04/29/01
Posts: 109
Loc: Lead, South Dakota
Hello From Colorado!!

I walked out the door of my house the other morning to head in to the shop, when I noticed the back door of the van was open. I could see the drivers door open through the passenger window, and all I wanted to do was PUKE!

I called the police right away, and then called my boss. He said to wait for the cops and come in when I was done.

It has always been a practice of mine to keep a detailed list of all the tools on my truck. One list of the bosses tools and one of mine. So when the officer showed up to take the report I had everything ready, and made the whole thing go faster.

I thought every thing was going to be fine with the bosses insurance, but then he tells me that his insurance only covers his tools and not employee personal tools.

I have been doing this for quite some time now, and have accumulated all the TOYS of the trade. The boss lost $3500 in tools, but I lost $11,600.

I have worked as a service electrician for this employer for just over a year. My truck alone averages $40,000 per month and I do all the billing on site. I am good with the customers, and I always go the extra mile when the boss calls on me.

So to finish off, I have two questions for all of you.
#1. Do all employers treat there lead journeyman like this?
#2. What do I do now? I have no tools left to my name, and do to other factors, I have no way to replace them.

I feel like someone just came and stole who I am!!!

Sad in Colorado!!!

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Jon Niemeyer
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#8816 - 04/05/02 04:09 AM Re: Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
motor-T Offline
Registered: 11/10/01
Posts: 280
Loc: Girard, Ohio, USA
After being ripped off three times in the past year, and once at home I can relate to what you are saying.
As far as insurance goes your boss insures his vans and tools inside, whether the insurance would allow him to insure a 3-party ie your stuff is another question for the insurance company.
Being that the van was on your property maybe your homeowners will cover part of the loss. An if not the best you can do now is to get your own insurance for the future. Having your stuff ripped off llike that has got to be the worst feeling in the world.
I am sorry for your loss but it will get better.
Good luck,
#8817 - 04/05/02 05:28 AM Re: Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
Bill Addiss Offline
Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 3875
Loc: NY, USA

We're sorry for your loss.

#8818 - 04/05/02 02:20 PM Re: Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
wirewiz Offline
Registered: 01/27/02
Posts: 122
Loc: WA.
Jon, "been there done that" I was fortunate and my boss covered all of my tools. I can't figure out why you would have that amount of tools in a company van. Seems like the company didn't provide all of the tools you needed. BTW Just spoke with my insurance agent yesterday about adding a rider to my policy for my vehicles and it's about $30 per $1000.00 with a $300.00 minimum.
Talk to your boss maybe he/she could work out some kind of compromise for your tools. At this point anything would be better than nothing. I would like to think they would be concerned about the possibility losing that much revenue. wirewiz
#8819 - 04/05/02 06:21 PM Re: Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
circuit man Offline
Registered: 11/05/01
Posts: 273
Loc: saluda,s.c.
jon , this just shows how low some people will go to hurt someones lively hood. no what its like , not lost that much but it still hurts for a little or a huge loss. maybe the insurance company will help. best wishes for recovery of your stuff!ERWIN
#8820 - 04/06/02 11:07 AM Re: Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
Ron Hoback Offline
Registered: 01/19/02
Posts: 13
See if your homeowners insurance will cover it. Since your tools were personal property.
My van burned up a couple years ago and my business insurance didn't cover my tools, but my homeowners did.
#8821 - 04/07/02 09:18 AM Re: Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
3rd degree Burns Offline
Registered: 02/04/02
Posts: 36
Loc: Dallas, Texas, USA
Real sorry for your loss...If it happened to me I couldn't sustain the loss at this financially strapped time in my life....Burns
#8822 - 04/07/02 02:41 PM Re: Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
sparky Offline
Registered: 10/18/00
Posts: 5303
Condolences Jon,
maybe you could get a dog?
#8823 - 04/09/02 04:58 PM Re: Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
njelectricmaster Offline
Registered: 04/29/01
Posts: 109
Loc: Lead, South Dakota
Hello From Colorado!!!!

Well, I think getting a dog is about all I could afford now.

I do know that I am driving my boss up the wall calling him every hour telling him I need anouther tool to do the job.

I have come to the conclusion that I have been taken advantage of by almost every employer I have worked for. I have always supplied the tools needed to do the job, no matter what. I have saved them money, and made them money. I AM DONE!!!

From now on, I will look out for myself, and my employer can deal with it. I hate to take that attitude, but what else do I do?

Jon Niemeyer
#8824 - 04/09/02 05:25 PM Re: Cry, cry, cry! What Now?
Rabbit Offline
Registered: 01/01/02
Posts: 62
Loc: Kingsport Tennessee
What you said!!! I'm considering leaving the trade altogether for those very reasons. I'm in worse financial shape now than when I got in this trade.

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