I found this in my UL Directory "White Book" and thought we could discuss this item.


The products covered in this category are Utility Service Receptacles having a unique, non-standard contact configuration and utilizing the grounded neutral conductor of the supply as the equipment grounding conductor.

These receptacles are intended for mounting in a utility pole, and for use in conjunction with a Utility Service Cord Set (see Guide ELFT) only by authorized utility company personnel in obtaining temporary power from utility poles.

They are rated as marked, for example 125 volts, 15 amperes.

These receptacles were investigated in accordance with the requirements for Attachment Plugs and Receptacles (UL 498) with regard to protection from the risk of electrical shock and the ability to function without over-heating.


The Classification Marking of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. on the product is the only method provided by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to identify products which have been produced under its Classification and Follow-Up Service.

Utility Service Receptacles Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. as to Protection from Electric Shock and Ability to Function Without Overheating.


Does anyone have any experience with these type of receptacles, and can you direct me to a product image or specifications?
Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant