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#83109 - 01/13/03 06:59 PM Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
sparky66wv Offline

Registered: 11/17/00
Posts: 2342
Loc: West Virginia
Mighta dreamed it, or read it somewhere else, or was told by somebody here...

Anyway... Can't find it in the NEC (doesn't mean it ain't in there though)

The scenario: (cut to the chase already!)

A GC has the basement ready and is laying trussed floor. The MDP will be in the basement, Meterbase directly behind and 4'+ above grade. Most AHJs consider this a back-to-back, so I hope the new inspector agrees.

I digress...

They want the service powered up ASAP, to eliminate the generator use, but won't have the dwelling dried in for another few weeks IF the weather is good (don't count on it this year).

I thought I read somewhere, that there was an exception for equipment regarding 3R rating when the wet location is a temporary deal, but the service and MDP are in the permanent location.

In other words, no need to put a 3R in the basement of a house just because it ain't dried in yet.

My new AHJ (first time calling him) wants me to build a temporary box around it complete with a hinged door, with reasonable weather-proofing, and he'd be OK with it.

What is accepted in your area in this case?

What options might I have?

Does said exception exist at all?



[This message has been edited by sparky66wv (edited 01-13-2003).]
Residential/Commercial Inspector
5 Star Inspections
Member IAEI

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#83110 - 01/13/03 07:20 PM Re: Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
rmiell Offline

Registered: 11/09/00
Posts: 261
Loc: La Junta, Co. USA
I believe Article 312.2(A) is what you are looking for. I seem to remember that the handbook mentions something about using plastic wrapped around a panelboard would meet this code article, since it is temporary, and a damp location, not wet.

I will try to find the aticle in the handbook Wednesday.

Rick Miell

#83111 - 01/13/03 07:42 PM Re: Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
harold endean Offline

Registered: 02/16/02
Posts: 2248
Loc: Boonton, NJ

I agree that if you can "weatherproof" the MDP in the basement temporarily until the building is sealed in, Then I wouldn't have a problem with it. Would the service be "safed" off though? If the building isn't weather tight, maybe someone can get inside of the building and fool around with the service equip. You would want to make sure that it is safed off.

#83112 - 01/13/03 08:42 PM Re: Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
sparky66wv Offline

Registered: 11/17/00
Posts: 2342
Loc: West Virginia
Harold, I mean no offense, but... Safed off?


We leave our keys in the ignition around here in case someone needs to move our vehicle. Our houses don't even have locks.

I could add a hasp and lock to the wooden cover and the panel cover would, of course, be installed.

I've never seen any MDP locked around here.

When a local supplier was moving to a new building, the goods were scattered between the two locales. Often you'd be told just to "Pick it up at the old place, and tell us later what you got" when an item wasn't at hand in the new store.

Culture shock?

The real concern I guess is weather damage and corrosion.

I do appreciate the input and perspective of others as always!

Residential/Commercial Inspector
5 Star Inspections
Member IAEI

#83113 - 01/13/03 09:00 PM Re: Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
iwire Offline

Registered: 01/05/03
Posts: 4343
Loc: North Attleboro, MA USA

Where do you live and what century is it there

Just kidding I would like to live there,
it sounds great.

Some of the service calls I go on I take a Helper to sit in the truck to watch the tools (this is true)

Bob Badger
Construction & Maintenance Electrician

#83114 - 01/13/03 10:09 PM Re: Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
txsparky Offline

Registered: 05/25/01
Posts: 578
Loc: Magnolia,.Texas U.S.A.
Sounds like a nice place to live
I don't see any reason why you would need 3R if you can keep it relatively dry with a temporary shelter of some sorts

I know what your talking about.I did a job in Houston that the plumbers actually tied a German Shepard to their truck to keep the thieves at bay

On the flip side,I have a deer lease 150 miles north of Houston where we don't ever lock the cabin on and we also leave our 4 wheelers parked there.

[This message has been edited by txsparky (edited 01-14-2003).]

#83115 - 01/14/03 12:11 AM Re: Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
C-H Offline


Registered: 09/17/02
Posts: 1508
Loc: Stockholm, Sweden
A few months ago I "caught" two burglars red handed. When I yelled at them, one of the guys just shouted "f**k off" and they went on. (I wasn't in a position to do anything about it.)

#83116 - 01/14/03 02:00 AM Re: Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
Gwz Offline

Registered: 04/29/02
Posts: 199
Would 110.11 and 110.12(C) cover your question?

#83117 - 01/14/03 04:54 AM Re: Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
Wirenuttt Offline

Registered: 11/10/02
Posts: 267
Loc: Massachusetts
About 10 years ago a friend of mine got divorced. Left his 3 bed rm home to his X and 3 kids. Moved to Lawrence, Ma. Rented a 1 bed rm on a main drag. One morning he woke up to the sound of a car alarm. Looked down from the 2nd floor to see his van slider open. They cleaned him out. He didn't know when in the night they got in and couldn't understand why the police didn't notice being a main street.

#83118 - 01/14/03 02:00 PM Re: Wild Goose Chase and another Phantom Code
Electricmanscott Offline

Registered: 01/12/02
Posts: 1478
Loc: Holden, MA USA
Wirenutt, Mistake #1: Moving to Lawrence!

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