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#74179 - 01/15/07 05:13 PM Ice Storm in Oklahoma
rad74ss Offline
Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 156
Loc: Pryor, OK USA
Friday the storm started. Saturday limbs fell pulling down my service Mast which is now hanging off the meter by the wires. I put in a call to PSO and they said it could be up to Tuesday before they could cut the line. So I turn off all the power to my house.

Sunday the whole town goes out including electricity, water, and driving skills.

Monday pretty much everybody has no power. Electric crews are doing a good job of getting it back on. I however get the bottom fifth of a tooth knocked out clearing downed trees on the highway. So it's the dentist for me first thing in the morning.

I'm spending the night at the company gym with some co-workers. Cable, a shower, and a good workout.

I sent in some pictures to get them posted. Hopefully my house doesn't burn down before the POCO gets around to cutting the lines. Then it's a new service entrance for me. Hopefully they will put in another pole closer to my house so that it doesn't run seventy feet catty cornered across the neighbors yard.

I'll update when I get a chance.

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#74180 - 01/15/07 06:56 PM Re: Ice Storm in Oklahoma
SparksNmore Offline
Registered: 05/31/05
Posts: 16
Loc: KC KS
I saw on TV that 30 crews left Kansas City this AM as well as some from Topeka headed to Tulsa to help out.
#74181 - 01/15/07 07:13 PM Re: Ice Storm in Oklahoma
ShockMe77 Offline
Registered: 06/11/05
Posts: 821
Loc: Rahway, New Jersey
That ice storm is nutz!

#74182 - 01/15/07 11:42 PM Re: Ice Storm in Oklahoma
Elviscat Offline
Registered: 08/13/05
Posts: 214
Loc: Seattle Washington USA
sounds reall similar to what happened here in Seattle a few weeks ago, except we had wind, ripped off roofs (including a small part of ours), power was outt o somepeople for weeks, and we had to get help from crews down in Oregon and the Eastern part of the state. hope the minimum of people were hurt, and I hope that no poor fools kill themselves with candles or generators best of luck to you, I hope everything goes well.

I saw thoe pics you had of your service, if I were you I cut the wires myself, tape them up reall good, and try and ttie them somewhere where they can't get touched by a little kid, not safe I know, but that looks real bad

my heart goes out to you
#74183 - 01/16/07 02:24 AM Re: Ice Storm in Oklahoma
Registered: 12/08/05
Posts: 854
Loc: Titirangi, Akld, New Zealand
It is very scary when that happens.
I remember an ice rain like that in The Netherlands in the mid 80's.
Antenna poles bending over in the breeze and still standing upright while others just snapped off.

Tree branches snapped off with 13 times their own weight in ice.
Power pylons collapsed under the weight of the ice and large outages in affected areas.

The sound of the crackling glassy sound of tree branches is very mysterious too.

edited for typo's RF.

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#74184 - 01/16/07 04:43 AM Re: Ice Storm in Oklahoma
rad74ss Offline
Registered: 04/19/04
Posts: 156
Loc: Pryor, OK USA
I thought about cutting the lines but I figured I would cut into it about the time power came back on and get a Darwin award for it. A downed limb blocks it from the front and my yard is fenced in in the back. My neighbors dad works for another POCO in the area so they all know to keep their distance.

I read that PSO has teams from 11 states that help each other out during big storms like this. I keep them in my prayers, especially when I see them sixty feet in the air on a steel tower pulling line in sub-freezing weather.
#74185 - 01/16/07 12:25 PM Re: Ice Storm in Oklahoma
walrus Offline
Registered: 07/25/02
Posts: 680
Loc: Bangor Me. USA
Good luck and be safe. Its amazing what an ice storm can do. I lived thru a a week long one back in 98. Found this recap
#74186 - 01/18/07 08:56 AM Re: Ice Storm in Oklahoma
George Offline
Registered: 02/23/02
Posts: 375
I live near Tulsa. I was watching the news last night.

Helicopter with a board on the skids. Electrictian sitting on the board.
Working on HT towers near a power plant.

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#74187 - 01/18/07 02:30 PM Re: Ice Storm in Oklahoma
pauluk Offline
Registered: 08/11/01
Posts: 7520
Loc: Norfolk, England
Here's hoping you get it all sorted out soon.

We've just had bad weather hit the U.K. today, with gusts of wind up to 99 mph in places, and just reported on the radio news that ten people have been killed by the storm, and thousands of homes are without power tonight.

At least we don't have 20-below temperatures to contend with as well.

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#74188 - 01/18/07 03:46 PM Re: Ice Storm in Oklahoma
HotLine1 Offline

Registered: 04/03/02
Posts: 6776
Loc: Brick, NJ USA
Reading your situations, here and in the newspapers, and on the tube.

All I can say is, keep safe, and good luck.

We've been really lucky here, warm, until a few days ago, now it's seasonal (20's-30's) with flurries today/tonite.

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