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#64160 - 03/31/06 04:31 PM Alloy shock
Alan Belson Offline
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An e-mail from my cousin Olaf Johannsen, a Swedish Government Scientific Officer in Stockholm. His English is not perfect, but here is his e-mail, verbatum.

Alan Belson
From < olafsjohannsen@address deleted >
Sent: 31 march 2006 14:01
Subject: New Alloy.

Hi Al, (personal stuff skipped.).......Hey, I know you have interest in electric stuff, you got it here straight from horse mouth.

But first, you better read this.-

A Russian scientist ask for asylum in Stockholm, making claim he develops new alloy which act like a super-conductor, and can carry enormous currents. We all have good laughs at the lab when sample wires turn up for tests. Then he gets arrested as a spy! And Moscow wants him back- you bet your sweet bum! I look him up on Google- he is top scientist in Moscow lab - check for yourself!
They call Alloy 'F358'. Russian claims he is telling secretS so world can share it, but I think he looking to gets his Nobel Prize, that is worth lot of money. Now we hear rumours in the building that he is having talk with the American Ambassador at the US Embassy!

I did some rapid tests this morning with my boss:
Spectral Analysis, Experiment 1.
Material, Sample A.
O,trace. N,trace. H,nil. Carbon 2.4%(this is very odd!). Tellurium,0.55%. Gold, 0.001%. Silver,0.002%. Aluminium,0.1%. Lithium,0.01%. Iron,trace. Hafnium, 0.001%
Wire appears like bright copper but has a 'sparkly appearance', like diamond dust on surface, could be carbon reading?

We hurried to do Conduction tests. Astonishing! we did some tests 3 times with same results.
Conductivity, Experiment 2.
Material, sample B.
Diameter of sample 0.801mm Length 1000mm
Resistance; 0.000026 Ohms. This is a great surprise, a resistivity of 0.01 microohm/cm,
That is 148 times less resistive than pure copper!
The sample appears to have same conductivity as a 1cm diameter copper bar! We get similar result with 0C and 100C putting sample in melt ice and boil water. Further tests to follow with better instrument.
Power, Experiment 3.
21C ambient. Used resistive loads based on the lab electric space heaters. 230volt supply. Load 9.0kW Cabling with 6mm2.
Approximate amperes with our site electrician's clamp on amp meter, dont laugh, as we have nothing else available in the times - about 38Amps.
A 400mm link of F358 was suspended in free air.
Result. Rise in temperature after the twenty minutes is 0.7 degrees C by Infra Red thermometer. Then my boss says the wire is warmer at the connection points- it is conducting heat in from the cables!

I will keep you posted with more dynamite tomorrow- we hear that the US. Embassy in Stockholm will make statement then. In meantime I am writing up paper pretty damp quick for the Academy!

Give my regards to Denise,



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#64161 - 03/31/06 11:37 PM Re: Alloy shock
Alan Belson Offline
Registered: 03/23/05
Posts: 1803
Loc: Mayenne N. France
Another e-mail from Olaf this morning.
Russian scientist make further staggering claim the alloy if put in reducing atmosphere at 540C while carrying a small dc current for several hours develop a tough non-conducting outer skin. This surface layer self-heals if scratched and consists of some sort of complex metal-carbide/oxide similar to anodising but thicker. This makes it unnecessary to insulate wires with plastic or rubber sheaths up to 4000 volts. Coloured wire can me made by infiltrating the layer with aniline dyes, as it is porous. The film is easy removed by dipping cut ends briefly in polymeric di-hydrogen oxide, a harmless solvent, to make good electrical connection. Sounds interesting to me but we are setting up tests for next week.

We just got some breaking news. You can get a more detailed explanation at United States of America Emassy in Stockholm on

love to all

Wood work but can't!
#64162 - 04/01/06 08:40 AM Re: Alloy shock
renosteinke Offline
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What I like best about this stuff is that you no longer need to carry a "machine shop" in your truck. You simple mould it with your fingers, pushing in holes where desired, and in no time at all it "sets up" in the desired form.
#64163 - 04/01/06 01:20 PM Re: Alloy shock
winnie Offline
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polymeric di-hydrogen oxide, a harmless solvent

Harmless my posterior.

The monomer has been implicated in numerous fatalities.

We have no idea how dangerous the polymer is.

#64164 - 04/01/06 01:48 PM Re: Alloy shock
wa2ise Offline
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Note the date: April 1.....
#64165 - 04/01/06 02:20 PM Re: Alloy shock
dougwells Offline

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