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#63146 - 03/08/06 08:37 AM Ya' gotta love it.....
sparky 134 Offline
Registered: 09/04/04
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Loc: Joliet, Il, USA
I received drawings from a GC for a residential remodeling project. The GC buys homes, remodels them and then sells them.

I sent the GC a list of questions concerning the job and if the property was open for inspection of existing conditions. He replied the property had been sold and the new owners are making some changes, hold off on bidding until further notice. Two days later I receive an email stating the changes are minor and please bid according to the existing drawings. Also, I really need the bid back TODAY !!!

I reply, "I need to visit the job to verify conditions."

He replies, "It will be open all day tomorrow."

So, I drive to the house, check the conditions, make my notes and drive back to the office and final my bid. Send the bid over to him and called today to follow up. He adds a couple of minor changes, I adjust my bid while on the phone and then he says, " I usually supply all material for the jobs."

So, I tell him I always supply my own material. He says, "Because you have a markup on the material."

I say, "Yes, and this prevents any problems with the material you supply being wrong."

He says, "But you will give me a list of the material and I will get it."

I say, "I have never allowed a customer to supply the material. I have a per device cost in my spreadsheet and after I enter all of the openings I have my price."

He says, "My budget price is $5000.00 for labor and no more than $4000.00 for material."

My price for the job was $10,285.00, a difference of $1,285.00. Then he adds, "Ya' know, I have a LOT of projects coming up. If I can find a contractor I can work with he could get a lot of business from me. I will compare your bid with the others I have received and I will get back to you."

At this point I am closing my spreadsheet because now I know I am wasting my time. I said, "If you should have any questions please don't hesitate to call."

What's next, they will supply all of the material AND part of the labor ?
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#63147 - 03/08/06 10:21 AM Re: Ya' gotta love it.....
kdal Offline
Registered: 09/21/05
Posts: 34
Loc: Florida,U.S.A.
Yep, and want another discount for offering to let you fish in his stocked pond.
The same jerk didn't want me to do trivial jobs like driving staples, putting on switch plates or putting the lamps and globes on light fixtures.
He said he would handle that.
I trimmed out using one bulb to test all the fixtures as I went.
#63148 - 03/08/06 01:47 PM Re: Ya' gotta love it.....
Sparks30 Offline
Registered: 03/23/02
Posts: 125
Loc: Connecticut.usa
I am lucky that no GC has tried to pull that on me. I have had H.O try that I told them that the job would cost more if they did any of the work, my name is still on the job if they put the outlet cover on and slipped on killed themselves. Next you know the other half is suing you because that was part of your job that you did not do. Even though they told you not to, courts normally will believe the H.O over a contractor.
#63149 - 03/08/06 02:43 PM Re: Ya' gotta love it.....
LK Offline
Registered: 01/21/03
Posts: 1429
Loc: New Jersey
Our plumber has an intresting way of dealing with remodel GC's, when they want to supply material, he says fine, we will supply labor you can pay the $750 day rate, and i need the check at the end of each working day, first check in advance, he claims a lot of them agree to this.
#63150 - 03/08/06 03:19 PM Re: Ya' gotta love it.....
Surfinsparky Offline
Registered: 07/29/05
Posts: 73
Loc: merritt island fl usa
That's a damn good idea L.K. I like it.I get this a lot too.I love it when I do a service call and I hear they don't cost this much at home dump.I also say they do not sell this at home dump either.Nor do they have free delivery.
#63151 - 03/08/06 03:44 PM Re: Ya' gotta love it.....
Celtic Offline
Registered: 02/26/05
Posts: 361
Loc: NJ

Then he adds, "Ya' know, I have a LOT of projects coming up.

Oh wow...where do I sign?

I had some bozo GC doing the same thing to me in South Jersey. He almost fainted when I told him he need a new service..that's when the "Ya' know..." converstation started.

GC - "Ya' know, I have a LOT of projects coming up."

Me - "Ya' know, I have a LOT of projects coming up, too...I don't need to do this for free".

I'm sure some trunk-slammer went and did the job and lost his shirt.
~~ CELTIC ~~
...-= NJ =-...
#63152 - 03/08/06 04:17 PM Re: Ya' gotta love it.....
LK Offline
Registered: 01/21/03
Posts: 1429
Loc: New Jersey

How about, we get some printed hand out pens, for GC's with, "Ya' know, I have a LOT of projects coming up." ?
#63153 - 03/08/06 04:35 PM Re: Ya' gotta love it.....
Dave T Offline
Registered: 01/22/05
Posts: 155
Loc: Waukesha, WI, USA
Yes, part of our continuing education. How many times have you heard that if you give me a good price on this job you will get the next one. After cutting the pricing to the bare bones you never get the next job anyway.
Unless there are extenuating circumstances I learned to never bet on the come.
#63154 - 03/08/06 04:54 PM Re: Ya' gotta love it.....
HCE727 Offline
Registered: 11/11/05
Posts: 186
Loc: Delaware County, PA, USA
Like I said before in a previous post "Gotta, they won't let me say it, or is it me"?!
#63155 - 03/08/06 05:23 PM Re: Ya' gotta love it.....
renosteinke Offline
Cat Servant
Registered: 01/22/05
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Loc: Blue Collar Country
Promises of "LOTS of future work" are meaningless. I have NEVER had any future work develop from folks who have said that.

I'm not running a charity. Chances are, the GC is better off financially than I, and ought to be the one to 'give me a break.'

So, my practice is, when someone makes that sort of offer....either I suddenly have a full schedule, and can't possibly work with him- or my prices go up at least 15%. For future price inquiries, I take my standard price and double it. I also give real serious thought to asking for half up front- and pull out the instant money is due.

I am an electrician, and a professional. I am not into playing games- especially with my bank balance.
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