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#56950 - 10/03/05 03:46 PM Wanna answer this question?
GA76JW Offline

Registered: 03/20/04
Posts: 195
Loc: Suwanee, GA USA
Now that I have you in here. Go ahead and take a stab at this:

I live in GA. (as my profile states). I want to start a sole proprietorship type company. I am going to get a tax id # and file with the local county and state.

Now here is the kicker. I want to start an electrical based consulting company. I see no reason why I couldn't consult people, at a reasonable rate, as to what they may need done and point them in the direction of some licensed electricians. Now I was thinking of a name such as " Blah Blah's Electrical consulting"

Anyone see any problems with this? I am 90% sure the home inspectors in our state don't need to be licensed, so why would I need to be to consult?
"If common sense was common, everyone would have it"-not sure, someone here

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#56951 - 10/03/05 04:00 PM Re: Wanna answer this question?
Sixer Offline

Registered: 08/08/05
Posts: 264
Loc: Canada
Here in Canada, home inspectors need to be licensed, and they cannot perform electrical inspections. I can't, even as a certified electrical contractor, perform electrical inspections - only the electrical inspector can.

What I do is give an "evaluation" with recommendations based on my experience and knowledge of the electrical code.

Not sure what the requirements would be in your state, but I would say a solid knowledge of wiring and electrical codes would be essential for you to do electrical consulting. Good Luck.

"Will it be cheaper if I drill the holes for you?"

#56952 - 10/03/05 04:05 PM Re: Wanna answer this question?
Dave T Offline

Registered: 01/22/05
Posts: 157
Loc: Waukesha, WI, USA
Let's say that you may not need a license.
Now, let's simply get some customers to call you or come through your doors.
What do you have to offer them? Do you have experience? Are you qualified? Do you have the education, electrical license, degreed, etc.
In other words what do you have to offer for what you would like to get paid? Why would the customer rely on the accuracy of the information that you are providing them? What liability do you have when you provide the customer with that information if you are not experience or qualified?
Just some thoughts.
Dave T

#56953 - 10/03/05 04:07 PM Re: Wanna answer this question?
Tiger Offline

Registered: 05/04/05
Posts: 714
Loc: Crystal Lake, IL USA
I don't mean to rain on your parade, but I see two problems with your venture. First, consulting is usually performed by someone with a great amount of experience. Second, I don't know why people would hire a consultant when they could consult with ECs who will perform the work.

I should qualify this by stating that there are plenty of services that I'd never use and are doing much better business than me.

As for the legalities, contact a lawyer or AHJ.


#56954 - 10/03/05 04:11 PM Re: Wanna answer this question?
CTwireman Offline

Registered: 02/07/02
Posts: 839
Loc: Connecticut, USA
I doubt you can do this and still be in compliance with union rules. They tend to take a dim view on any type of competition, especially from their own, although hopefully you are no doubt aware of this.

#56955 - 10/03/05 06:25 PM Re: Wanna answer this question?
togol Offline

Registered: 09/15/05
Posts: 426
Loc: NW In. USA
I have to agree with everyone , especially CTwireman !
I wonder why you are asking this of folks on this forum instead of Mr. Smith !
I think you need more experience, quite a bit more in fact.
You have finished your second year with good grades, and you're feeling pretty good huh? from the sound of it maybe a little cocky too
You should feel good, it's been hard work. There are some hard classes yet,ahead of you, shouldn't you concentrate on those ?

#56956 - 10/03/05 06:56 PM Re: Wanna answer this question?
GA76JW Offline

Registered: 03/20/04
Posts: 195
Loc: Suwanee, GA USA
Sixer: Thanks for the positive outlook.

Dave T: I can offer people the truth. If I don't know the answer I can find it. I may not have all the experience, but the goal is to point people in the right direction, and possibly make a little in the process.

Tiger: I understand the legality part of it and am currently chasing the answer down. Now as far as experience, there are some inspectors who only glance over things. I am talking about a whole electrical breakdown. Then pointing them in the direction of a licensed and insured electrician.

CTwireman: I am a union apprentice, but I do not have to pay dues until I decide to join. Secondly< I would not even be close to being competition for a union shop or even a non-union shop for that matter.

togol: not really worried about school. I have found as long as I put a decent effort into it and do the homework it all works out in the end. As far as being cocky, yeah I agree, I am not apprentice of the year or anything, but I get it done. I have done alot of sidework with fellow co-workers and have a good understanding of the residential side of the coin.


Once again, I want to see if there is a market for this. If I can make some money and point people in the right direction to get their problems fixed, then what is the real problem? Is it the apprentice thing? No one here would have known this if they hadn't seen it in my name and profile.
"If common sense was common, everyone would have it"-not sure, someone here

#56957 - 10/03/05 07:00 PM Re: Wanna answer this question?
GA76JW Offline

Registered: 03/20/04
Posts: 195
Loc: Suwanee, GA USA
Just want to add this:

Not really expecting a whole lot of business. More of a part-time hobby type thing. I do know that I looked around and saw no one else is doing this at the moment in my area.

I also see alot of posts about over-charging and not doing compliant work. Some homeowners don't know what to look for and I could be the extra (non- biased) set of eyes they may need.
"If common sense was common, everyone would have it"-not sure, someone here

#56958 - 10/03/05 07:07 PM Re: Wanna answer this question?
gfretwell Offline


Registered: 07/20/04
Posts: 9045
Loc: Estero,Fl,usa
"Consultant" really doesn't mean much. My S.P. is listed as consulting on my business license too, simply because it is a catch all that pretty much allows me to do anything that doesn't involve tools or touching people.

Actually getting hired usually requires other credentials and experience.
Greg Fretwell

#56959 - 10/03/05 07:09 PM Re: Wanna answer this question?
Tripp Offline

Registered: 09/20/05
Posts: 101
Two comments:

1) You're a union apprentice and you don't pay dues? Wow, they sure do things different down there.

2) How "unbiased" do you think you can remain when you start having friends in the trade who want you to send some work their way? You say you can point clients "in the direction of some licensed electricians." I see cronyism, kickbacks, potential ethics violations of all kinds....and at the very least not very "unbiased."

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