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#51367 - 04/28/05 01:18 PM cable pull through a live xfrmr
bill woods Offline

Registered: 11/21/01
Posts: 45
Our company is pulling in the service cable for a hotel. The city is requesting that we do it "live" as there is a "famous coffee/donut shop" being supplied by the same padmount transformer. We could use some advice here. We fully expect the city to provide all necessary PPE and safety equipment. The high side voltage is 25KV.
The city must be isolating the high side with a barrier of some sort right? What would they use? I just want a little background info before I meet with the city tomorrow morning.

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#51368 - 04/28/05 02:36 PM Re: cable pull through a live xfrmr
Roger Offline

Registered: 05/18/02
Posts: 1779
Loc: N.C.
The HV side of the pad mount transformer already has a barrier seperating it from the LV side and the HV door can remain closed. Whoever owns the transformer be it the city or a utility company the people who do the power work must be involved and can assist in the safety proceedures and equipment. All exposed live parts in the LV side should be covered with insulating blankets.


[This message has been edited by Roger (edited 04-28-2005).]

#51369 - 04/28/05 02:38 PM Re: cable pull through a live xfrmr
Bill39 Offline

Registered: 11/28/01
Posts: 77
Loc: Indianapolis, IN, USA
Even without seeing the setup, this sounds very scary. Imagine what could happen if the rope breaks or comes loose from the wire. It's bound to tear up any rubber blankets and come into contact with something hot.

With the available fault current at the transformer you should probably take the same precautions OSHA is requiring now when working in a hot panel (fire retardant clothing, face shield, moon suit, etc.

#51370 - 04/28/05 02:42 PM Re: cable pull through a live xfrmr
Roger Offline

Registered: 05/18/02
Posts: 1779
Loc: N.C.
For the record, I agree with Bill.


#51371 - 04/28/05 03:05 PM Re: cable pull through a live xfrmr
Ryan_J Offline

Registered: 08/19/03
Posts: 1355
Loc: West Jordan, Utah, USA
For the record I disagree with the whole thing.

OSHA does not permit this at all, PPE or not. I think you should appear before the city council and inform them that they are requesting you to directly disobey an OSHA regulation.

Pulling into a live transformer sounds like a great way to get yourslef killed.
Ryan Jackson,
Salt Lake City

#51372 - 04/28/05 03:29 PM Re: cable pull through a live xfrmr
frenchelectrican Offline


Registered: 02/06/03
Posts: 938
Loc: Wi/ Paris France { France for ...
here in this area we dont allow any pulling wire when the transformer is engerized and it is not safe.

i did talk to my freind he work for POCO and he say no freaking way [ i have to deleted cussing words here ] due the falut current. it will be mind bogging if you see that flashover it will do wonderfull damage
in that area and anyone who is standing by near transformer can get hit by flying deberies of moten metal, cables , plastic insluators , transformer oil [ of course ] etc etc.

i will suggest that talk to the city personalles to say this is not a safe way at all

to bring other cable to the transformer is best way is shut down or dengerized the transformer and pull new cables there and the same time can rent a generator for tempory power during that time peroid until it is done . c'est simple

Merci, Marc
Pas de problme,il marche n'est-ce pas?"(No problem, it works doesn't it?)

#51373 - 04/28/05 05:46 PM Re: cable pull through a live xfrmr
golf junkie Offline

Registered: 04/22/01
Posts: 511
Loc: York, NE
If you can feed from the transformer end and have all hot lugs covered I don't see a problem with it.

On the other hand if you have to pull from the transformer I way.

#51374 - 04/28/05 06:04 PM Re: cable pull through a live xfrmr
Megawatt Offline

Registered: 03/11/04
Posts: 74
Loc: Lexington,Ky, USA
This is a perfect time for a planned outage.
We do them all the time. Find a date & time that the other Customers are closed, & set it up to work de-energized.

#51375 - 04/28/05 06:09 PM Re: cable pull through a live xfrmr
George Offline

Registered: 02/23/02
Posts: 380
"The city is requesting"

That means you can tell them no.

The power company sets the safety standards. I expect they will shut the power off when you need it off.

#51376 - 04/28/05 06:52 PM Re: cable pull through a live xfrmr
highvoltageguy Offline

Registered: 03/03/05
Posts: 56
Loc: Silt, Colorado, USA
I got to reply to this, I can see where most would see this as a big no way, and the people that said this is a OSHA, you positive of that? I worked for the electric utility myself and at one time did also do the dist. work that your refering to a pad mount here. and someone mentioned that there is a barrier allready there (that is correct) and there most liky even 2 doors and the one with the primary behind it can remain closed. as for rules that the POCO would kill the pad mount to do the work I really doubt it, its done all the time hot (energized)... now the POCO I worked for would be doing all the work involed at the pad mount to a the meter, but in my area there is another utility that the EC pulls the conductor into the pad (with it energized)(and I have done this pulling into there pad mount's bye myself even as a EC) they do require that you show proof of insurance and your ELECTRIAN LICENSE before they give you the key/combination's to the pad mounts. and there is another city owned utility bye me that is allmost the same way no standards or rules at all. well had to give my 2 cents,,, but you did say PPE was being provided, so sounds like you should have what you need to get this done, there will be rubber blankets with big cloths pins type clamps, another way of putting it is Electric bussiness has got dangers, if the world didn't need electricians, you could grab anyone to do that....

[This message has been edited by highvoltageguy (edited 04-28-2005).]

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