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#4980 - 10/25/01 05:09 AM Reactions to chemical agents
Tiffany Sparks Offline
Registered: 10/04/01
Posts: 79
Loc: Iron River, Wi USA
Recently have become aware of some rather hazardous chemicals (PVC glue).

My ponderings of today are... what kind of problems (such as skin irritations, etc.) have you as electricians experienced when handling these chemicals?

And what are some things the DIY'ers need to know about these things.
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#4981 - 10/25/01 03:42 PM Re: Reactions to chemical agents
sparky Offline
Registered: 10/18/00
Posts: 5545
well my fingers get stuck together...
having smelled the plumbers from outside the building while they are working inside has had me wonder, they don't seem to mind, and suffer no apparent ill effects.

Now that you've got me worried i'll have to read the can.....
#4982 - 10/25/01 04:31 PM Re: Reactions to chemical agents
Dallas Offline
Registered: 08/07/01
Posts: 159
Loc: North Salem, IN 46165
You know, when you have to turn your head so you don't smell the solvent as strong, that usually should tell you something. 'Course, we did some work by a feeder hog confinement building, and the glue didn't seem near so bad that day.

We all wear cheap leather gloves to try to keep the solvent off our hands, and open a window if we can, if we're inside.
#4983 - 10/25/01 04:42 PM Re: Reactions to chemical agents
electure Offline

Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 4229
Loc: Fullerton, CA USA
We (& maybe all you guys, too) are required to keep Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all the chemicals that we use. We have them in every truck, in each gangbox, and in the office.
If you need to get them, they're available at
PVC cement is one of the nastier ones. I once had a reaction to a couple of weeks' exposure to sulfur based thread cutting oil.

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#4984 - 10/25/01 07:32 PM Re: Reactions to chemical agents
sparky66wv Offline
Registered: 11/17/00
Posts: 2342
Loc: West Virginia
I'm going to make a long story short...

Three times in the last two weeks I have broken out in hives over my legs, back, buttocks and groin areas, as well as my arms, belly and crown of my head. The first time was pretty severe, and last night was even worse. It "attacks" me in my sleep, feels like a million mosquito bites... makes me want to peel my skin off...

ER doesn't want me unless my toungue swells up...

The poison control center says it's unlikely to have been caused by PVC glue, even though its the only correalation I can think of...

My hands don't get irritated at all... just tender places.

I guess it's just stress...

Cold showers and Benedryl seem to be the best "cure"...

Anybody ever have this problem?

I know... unbelievable...

Residential/Commercial Inspector
5 Star Inspections
Member IAEI
#4985 - 10/26/01 03:56 AM Re: Reactions to chemical agents
fedup Offline
Registered: 10/26/01
Posts: 32
Loc: alabama
Sparky,have you been working with wood poles lately?I had similar problems and it was the
creosote or whatever they use to treat the new poles
#4986 - 10/26/01 05:46 AM Re: Reactions to chemical agents
Bill Addiss Offline
Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 4196
Loc: NY, USA

You can check this site too for MSDS and they have a Safety Links section also that's worth checking out.

Good Luck,

#4987 - 10/26/01 02:17 PM Re: Reactions to chemical agents
sparky Offline
Registered: 10/18/00
Posts: 5545
I think you need a vacation seem to have had the radish lately.
If your toungue swells up how will you be able to tell the ER about the glue?
#4988 - 10/26/01 06:54 PM Re: Reactions to chemical agents
sparky66wv Offline
Registered: 11/17/00
Posts: 2342
Loc: West Virginia
The doc says it's very likely to be stress related...

Spent $50 on mineral and vitamin supplements...

Who me? Not eating right?

No more chili dogs...

More flax and 0live oils, veggies and fruits...

fedup: I did install straps on the risers (sweep 90's) on the poles where the primary had to cross the road... No wait, that was the day after (yesterday)... Doesn't correalate with the other times...

Bill & Scott,
I checked the MSDS's along with the doc at the poison control centers # on the carlon PVC solvent can. Really nice guy, wants to do a follow-up in a few days after I talk to my local doc.

Local doc (tree-hugger, hippie type with roots and herbs) suggested the mineral and vitamin supplements with some chinese herbs.. "jade" something... Tastes terrible...

Figured, what the heck, nothing else is working...

And I need to "control" my reaction to stress... (How do I do that? become "indifferent"?)

[This message has been edited by sparky66wv (edited 10-26-2001).]
Residential/Commercial Inspector
5 Star Inspections
Member IAEI
#4989 - 10/27/01 03:23 AM Re: Reactions to chemical agents
sparky Offline
Registered: 10/18/00
Posts: 5545
contracting vs. stress....
they DO go hand in hand.

Stress is taught ,along with other more obvious maladies like lack of exercise and diets of fried pork rinds, in public level CPR as a killer. ( or at least it was in the old cric..)

I don't think there's a contractor out there, at least with a consience, that has'nt dealt with job related stress.

Lately i have been focused (contractually)on how to aviod stressful situations, or at least turn them into a $$$$ ( pays for the rolaids..)

But there are to many variables to ever manage this effectively.

That's why many of my meat birds had names before they got freezer detail ( ok, so i had a few brews....)

I suppose everyone has a means to 'vent' ?
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