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#48019 - 02/01/05 06:47 PM Fork Lifts
PEdoubleNIZZLE Offline
Registered: 06/16/04
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Loc: McKeesport, PA, USA
Hi, I know this isn't really related to electricity, it's more of an industry thing. I am in Pennsylvania and I work at a hardware store, and they want to train me on fork lift. I do not have a State Driver's license. My one boss says I don't need one, just a forklift license, which he says i can get after i practice and learn, but my other boss says I do need a state drivers license to get a forklift license. Can someone help me out here. Do I need a state drivers license to get a forklift license or not? and if possible, please cite the law (section and wording). Thanks!
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#48020 - 02/02/05 04:01 AM Re: Fork Lifts
Dnkldorf Offline
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Forklift License?

I have heard of forklift certification done by Union shops, or very large companies with insurance liabilities, but not by the State of PA.

Someone will hopefully chime in on this one. I've been using them for the last 20yrs and never heard of this in PA.

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#48021 - 02/02/05 12:33 PM Re: Fork Lifts
Trumpy Offline

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Over here in NZ, you don't even need a Drivers Licence to operate a forklift (unless you are required to drive it on a public road, of course).
Occupational Health and Safety actually run the Forklift Operator courses here.
I've got mine and I would recommend you get one too, it's a handy (and marketable) skill to have, especially if you are an Industrial Electrician.
I think at the end of the day, it comes down to where you would be operating the forklift.
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#48022 - 02/02/05 01:16 PM Re: Fork Lifts
resqcapt19 Offline
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OSHA requires training and evidence that the training has been accomplished. One way to do this is to issue a license after the training has been successfully completed. I didn't see any requirement to have a divers license to get a fork lift license.
Certification. The employer shall certify that each operator has been trained and evaluated as required by this paragraph (l). The certification shall include the name of the operator, the date of the training, the date of the evaluation, and the identity of the person(s) performing the training or evaluation.

#48023 - 02/02/05 07:55 PM Re: Fork Lifts
trollog Offline
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Trumpy I am curious what you learned in that forklift course. In all seriousness, is there "forklift theory" or something? I have driven them on and off as I needed to for 10+ years and I wonder what I might learn in a forklift certification that I didn't already know.
#48024 - 02/02/05 10:17 PM Re: Fork Lifts
PEdoubleNIZZLE Offline
Registered: 06/16/04
Posts: 176
Loc: McKeesport, PA, USA
Sorry, I meant forlift certification. So I can confirm that I do not need the same license to drive a car on a road in order to get a forklift license that will not be driven on a public road? Thanks!
#48025 - 02/02/05 11:45 PM Re: Fork Lifts
e57 Offline
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While in the military, I got a Forklift License for up to 15,000lbs articulated payloader + EBFL. A sizable piece of equipment, and un-level ground not having a full understanding of center-of-gravity, of the load and equipment, could be fairly dangerous. And a quick turn with a high load will topple most lifts, small or large. So there is some therory to it. Even with a 2000lbs lift you could easily kill someone. So I don't think having a manditory safety course is a bad idea. Not to mention hand signals, and that pedal on the left is not a clutch.(Unless its a manual transmission which is not too common anymore) Its an "Inching" pedal.

Anyway...PEdoubleNIZZLE you might want to get a drivers license too. Even if you don't believe in driving. (Some poeple dont like to drive, I try to drive as little as possible.) But it does come in handy.

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#48026 - 02/03/05 01:08 PM Re: Fork Lifts
safetygem Offline
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Loc: Ohio, USA
Josh (PEdoubleNIZZLE)
The information you have been given here is correct.

As a safety and health compliance officer, I can tell you that there isn't a requirement that you have a "driver's license" to operate a forklift. In fact, one of the required training elements is that the instructor explain the difference between the operation of a forklift and an automobile. Far too many people make the improper assumption that because they can drive a car they can operate a forklift.

The regulation cited by Don is the correct reference. This certification for operation of a "powered industrial truck" (otherwise known as a forklift) as been in effect since 1998.

For anyone interested in looking at "what you learn" in forklift training, here is a link to the Powered Industrial Truck regulations. Just scroll down to paragraph (l). That's a lower case "L".

Hope this helps clarify the requirements. #1910.178(l)

Edited to add link.

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Ooops. I wasn't paying attention. Don already put the link in his post.

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#48027 - 02/05/05 04:54 PM Re: Fork Lifts
PEdoubleNIZZLE Offline
Registered: 06/16/04
Posts: 176
Loc: McKeesport, PA, USA
Thanks everyone. I got the situation all cleared up. My worksite is a hardware store, and I'm on the safety comittee. I work in the building materials section because I drove the sales in electrical down and got moved (because many people were doing unsafe things with the stuff we sell, I told them I would not sell to them, things such as male to male extension cords.) It's also amazing at what the boss will do to save money..... Stocking items in fromt of panels, running 3 electric heaters for display on the same circuit, you get the idea. i have clashed with him many times, and I think he was lashing out on me. However, I am certified for forklift as of today, so that's one positive note. As for the safety of the rest of the place, I have a long way to go.

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