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#42799 - 09/26/04 08:20 AM Electrical Facts???
iwire Offline
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Here is a web site that seems like it has a great goal in mind but should have done some more research.

Here are a couple of the sites 'facts'

Fact: Electricity is always trying to get to the ground. Like all good travelers, electricity takes shortcuts whenever it can. If something that conducts electricity gives electricity an easy path to the ground, electricity will take it!

Fact: why do birds that sit on power lines don’t get electric shocks? It’s because the electricity is always looking for a way to get to the ground, but the birds are not touching the ground or anything in contact with the ground.

Same old missinfomation.
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#42800 - 09/26/04 11:45 AM Re: Electrical Facts???
trekkie76 Offline
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It is s very simplistic look at electricity. I wouldn't say they are lying, but they aren't telling it all.(Kinda like a recruiter).In fact 1, "if something has a easy path to ground electricity will take it", that is true. Fact 2, if the bird isn't grounded, it won't get a L-G shock. I understand this isn't all there is to it.
#42801 - 09/26/04 11:59 AM Re: Electrical Facts???
pauluk Offline
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This "electricity is always looking for a path to ground" idea is one which seems to be perpetuated over and over.

Electricity will always flow in a complete circuit back to the source. If one side of that source is grounded, then the ground just happens to form a convenient part of that circuit.
#42802 - 09/26/04 04:14 PM Re: Electrical Facts???
Scott35 Offline

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Fact: Electricity is always trying to get to the ground

So does Electricity in Underground Ducts always try to get upto Feeders on Utility Poles?


Fact: why do birds that sit on power lines don’t get electric shocks? It’s because the electricity is always looking for a way to get to the ground, but the birds are not touching the ground or anything in contact with the ground.

Unless there are Underground Feeders, then the same Birds would get the Shizzenhousen shocked out of them!

Sorry, I couldn't resist!!!

The descriptions are partly correct - if you want to get into the whole Capacitive Coupling story with a Person asking for a "Crash Course in Advanced Electrophysics"; but generally this will just blow their minds!

Bob (Iwire) is right though, about the Site's Admin/Designers/etc. having a great goal in mind - and that is always a good thing.

Just wish there was some way to wipe out the run-away "Pseudo Science" dealt with nearly every day, regarding this whole "Eeee-lekk-trisssiteee ALWAYS and ONLY seeks "Ground", and as long as "You" (who, Me???) aren't "Grounded", then "You" cannot get Shocked.

With this I should begin saying:
"OK, let me see "YOU" do it"!

This will either cure the misconception / Bunk Information thingee for at least one Person that day (likely more to follow after the "enlightening" experience has a newfound impact on that Person), or end up with Me "Tackling" the Person to knock him clear O' the connection, CPR administered while someone calls an EMT / 911, and wishing this "Beta Test" was never done in the first place!

I hear a lot ... and I mean A LOT!!! of Electro-B.S. during the course of the week, and while it becomes very nauseating, I would never place anyone in Danger - regardless of their level of Dicketry, My frustration, or both.

Man, I am just such a Bitchen Guy, huh???
(please note the sarcasm directed completely at myself here, and increase its level X 1,000).

Just one last thought; would Batman and Robin be "OK" to Beta Test the "Why don't YOU try it" theory on?
Sorry, I couldn't resist again!

BTW, the whole "Batman" thing these last two days is a week long, on-the-job joke, per the way some Steel Studs had been installed within several walls at quite a few locations across the Project.
Makes you feel like you are watching the old Batman Shows - you know, like how the Camera angle was tilted to a side when they were filming from inside one of the Villians' Hideouts / Headquarters / Clubhouses / Torture Chambers?

Same effect going on with random sections of off-plumb framing!

I won't even get into the depth of discussions and theories of "Why they framed it that way", which are totally Batman related!

...And we get PAID to do this!!!
(sounds like we screw off all day...actually these theories are pondered while Electrical Equipment is being installed).

Scott " 35 " Thompson
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#42803 - 09/27/04 12:02 AM Re: Electrical Facts???
Trumpy Offline

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Purely and simply,
A bird sitting on a single conductor, no matter what voltage, is not a problem.
There is no reference to Earth, therefore there is no problem.
But, should that bird try and sharpen it's beak on an adjacent phase or even a Neutral, in a Star system, the term KFC springs to mind!.
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