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#35063 - 03/04/04 04:46 AM Gasoline
electure Offline


Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 4229
Loc: Fullerton, CA USA
Now that gas prices are going through the stratosphere, do any of you have plans to adjust your rates to compensate for the added expense?
A lot of my service work involves driving. Last week a trip to Palm Springs logged 250+ mi. in a day (company truck, thank goodness).
I just filled my personal pickup to the tune of $65.00 ($2.16 a gallon). Ouch.
It went up about 5¢ the following day.

How much are you paying?

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#35064 - 03/04/04 06:37 AM Re: Gasoline
C-H Offline


Registered: 09/17/02
Posts: 1508
Loc: Stockholm, Sweden
After having converted currencies and to gallons I came up with $4.90/gal. Little wonder air travel is cheaper than car travel these days... Obviously gasoline is cheaper on your side of the Atlantic. *envy*

#35065 - 03/04/04 11:41 AM Re: Gasoline
walrus Offline

Registered: 07/25/02
Posts: 671
Loc: Bangor Me. USA
I charge mileage, to and from the job site for service work. Right now its .40 cents/mile but soon to be .45/mile. other companies that do similar work are getting 52 cents/mile.
1.739 for a gallon of reg but soon to be over 2.00 without a doubt. As soon as summer travel hits the oil companies will have another excuse, refinerys down, pipelines under repair, whatever they need to get it up some more.
The shortsightedness of our gov't to not have a coherent energy policy has made me angry for years, if the economy is growing it won't be if energy costs continue to rise.

#35066 - 03/04/04 01:11 PM Re: Gasoline
chi spark Offline

Registered: 01/06/04
Posts: 102
Loc: Chicago IL USA
1.61 in collar counties to 1.89 for reg. unlded closer to Chicago-I heard it's over 2.00 downtown- I'll wait n' see- it's been this high before, but as C-H sez,it could be worse so I'm not beachin' yet- .

[This message has been edited by chi spark (edited 03-04-2004).]

#35067 - 03/04/04 01:23 PM Re: Gasoline
pauluk Offline

Registered: 08/11/01
Posts: 7693
Loc: Norfolk, England
This is a very sore point with British drivers!

Pump price at my nearest gas station is 74.9 pence per liter for unleaded. At the current exchange rate, that's $5.16 per gallon American. It's a fraction cheaper at the supermarket station in the city (about $5.05), but higher at small village stations (up to approx. $5.60 in some places).

At least in Continental Europe diesel is quite a bit cheaper than gasoline, but here in the U.K. they're about the same price.

P.S. When I left central Nebraska in 1996 I was paying around $1.10 per gallon.

[This message has been edited by pauluk (edited 03-04-2004).]

#35068 - 03/04/04 02:00 PM Re: Gasoline
Active 1 Offline

Registered: 02/22/03
Posts: 684
Loc: Grayslake IL, USA
Give it up and go DIESEL.

I have not seen the price change even $0.01 in the last 6 months at all when I got my Diesel. The oil companies play games with the gasoline price every day. Every holiday the price of gasoline goes up. Every time something happens in the Middel East the price shoots up right away as if that gasoline was made the night before in Irac.

Most places around my Chicago Suburbs are $1.69 a gallon. Some more some less but I found it never changes.

My 12,000 GVW diesel step van in the winter gets about 13 MPG. My 93 E-150 with the 6 cylinder got less than that. I got a bigger truck and spend less every week on fuel.

I am looking at my prices to cover the increase in copper wire and EMT. I got a warning letter from the supply house about this. I seen at the stores 1/2" EMT went from $1.09 to $1.50. #12 Stranded went from $17 to $28 a roll.

This is where it could hurt because I use more pipe and wire than fuel.


#35069 - 03/04/04 03:56 PM Re: Gasoline
walrus Offline

Registered: 07/25/02
Posts: 671
Loc: Bangor Me. USA
Apparently all(alot of) steel is going to China to feed their housing, building and manufacturing booms. I heard scrap steel was going for 100 dollars a ton in Maine.

#35070 - 03/04/04 05:00 PM Re: Gasoline
swedejr Offline

Registered: 12/16/03
Posts: 30
Loc: East Granby, Ct. US
Have you seen the price of scrap copper?
It's at $1.00 a pound for bare/bright, and .90 for unstripped....

#35071 - 03/04/04 05:18 PM Re: Gasoline
electure Offline


Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 4229
Loc: Fullerton, CA USA
Our prices are adjusted according to the price of Cu, Fe, etc.
Yeah, Cu's gone up a bunch
That's why it's a good idea to make your estimates valid for 30 days.
This can be a Big problem on long term jobs, as most contracts don't give you an adjustable "wiggle factor".

I know you guys have paid exorbitant prices for a long time. (Isn't that why you have the "mini" and 2 story busses?) I feel for you, believe me.
I can, though, remember filling up my Studebaker with 23¢ a gallon "Chevron Custom Supreme", at 101+octane.
For less than $10, I could take a date to the movies and if it didn't work out, still had 3/4 of a tank of gas (for another date).
Bought a '69 Corvette-435hp 427ci (7 ltr.)-5mi to the gallon if driven carefully, (but it was like a rocket ship)

Dang, how things have changed, I guess I really am an old geezer...S

#35072 - 03/04/04 05:33 PM Re: Gasoline
HotLine1 Offline


Registered: 04/03/02
Posts: 6832
Loc: Brick, NJ USA
OK, here in NJ (Northern end) reg unleaded ranges $ 1.55 - $ 1.75 gal, with premium grade about .15 to .20 higher.

Filled the Tahoe 3/03/2004; 16.1 gal, $ 26.00, at $ 1.619 gal.

Diesel is in the $ 1.60 range, the 'off' brands are a few cents cheaper for gas and diesel. (Ford F700 & E-350 Powerstroke)

A few weeks back, reg unleaded was $ 1.39 (EXXON/Mobil) and then it worked up.

BTW, we have 'full serve' here in NJ, it's against the law to pump your own, and we are one of a few states that still are this way.

Electure, to answer your question, when it hits $2.00 gal, I'll pass a fuel surcharge onto some accounts.


[This message has been edited by HotLine1 (edited 03-04-2004).]

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