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#34063 - 01/31/04 01:19 PM Feng Shui Compliance
electure Offline

Registered: 12/24/00
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Loc: Fullerton, CA USA
Here's your chance to make fun and jokes about California. Just this once I can't even put up any kind of defense for us.

Click here for free ticket

How Crazy ...S
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#34064 - 01/31/04 03:03 PM Re: Feng Shui Compliance
NORCAL Offline
Registered: 09/25/02
Posts: 865
Where else but San Francisco would somebody come up w/that load of steer manure?
#34065 - 01/31/04 05:41 PM Re: Feng Shui Compliance
earlydean Offline
Registered: 12/22/03
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Loc: Griswold, CT, USA
What do you expect from a state that elects movie actors to be governor? It is like the old saying: "California, where the nuts come from." And to think I was born in San Jose....

#34066 - 01/31/04 08:29 PM Re: Feng Shui Compliance
Bjarney Offline
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Loc: West-Southern Inner-Northeast ...
Hey, growing nuts around here is big business — like almonds, walnuts and, well, uh, school districts who require 100% organic food to be served in their cafeterias.
#34067 - 01/31/04 08:49 PM Re: Feng Shui Compliance
iwire Offline
Registered: 01/05/03
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Loc: North Attleboro, MA USA
Sparky can not get safety issues enforced and some in CA want Feng Shui enforced.

I can not think of anything so trivial to add to a building code.

Here in RI we did a Hasbro toy headquarters and they flew in a Feng Shui expert and made many changes in walls after the building was complete.

At least this was a choice, not code.
Bob Badger
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#34068 - 01/31/04 09:12 PM Re: Feng Shui Compliance
electure Offline

Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 4259
Loc: Fullerton, CA USA
We elected an actor Governor of California once before, but the rest of you elected him President of the United States!!
(And I think he was a darn good one, too)...S
#34069 - 01/31/04 11:32 PM Re: Feng Shui Compliance
NORCAL Offline
Registered: 09/25/02
Posts: 865
Is being an actor less of a qualification than other occupations?Ones venom should be directed at attorneys and other leeches who are largely responsable for the lack of common sense in this country.

I might have been too hasty in my earlier post, here you are subject to a $500.00 fine if you detonate a nuclear weapon in the city limits.
#34070 - 02/01/04 12:50 AM Re: Feng Shui Compliance
Scott35 Offline

Broom Pusher and
Registered: 10/19/00
Posts: 2707
Loc: Anaheim, CA. USA
It's a joke, right?...

Thought that Feng Shui fad died off back in 1997!

Nevertheless, this Clown (Yee) has managed to submit a proposal - and grab the attention of local TV news; which resulted in an investigative report, and finally the comedy behind this "Mastermind" plan!

Just thinking of the CBC (Title 24, part 1) telling Architects how to design structures to look a certain way, is borderlining "Three Stooges" Legislature.
The Article would read something like:

CBC 24-5150.86:
"All Structures shall be designed as to reduce the hazards of Eye-soreness and individuality in the overall appearance."

CBC 24-5150.86(a):
"Loss of Chi is Non-Compliant, and if a Designer / Architect is found to knowingly commit such acts, punishment for 1st offense is immediate loss of that person's Certificate (CBA) - along with $100,000 fine imposed to the Architectural firm where said person is Employed.
Second offense is death penalty"

Then it would go into some safety related gobblety-goop.

Per the ABC news report, this is my favorite part:


Yee: "If the opposition would not be so oppositional, pass it in one second
and we can go on with other things."


But if the opposition was not oppositional, it would not exist! The primary function for the opposition is - OPPOSITION!!! It would be ill logical otherwise...
If no opposition, all would be easy, and we just cannot have that at all!!!

Be patriotic... Oppose everything!!!

<enter McCarthyism... "flush out those card-carrying non-opposers"...>

Man, I could go on and on with this kind of a rebuttal.

Only in California will sillyness like this be considered newsworthy!

Wonder if the proposers are detoured from proceeding, or if they understand that the Building Codes are Safety/Hazard issues related. It was mentioned in a rebuttal by a Building Official.

Just another stupid thing to make this State #1 Stand-Up / Improv Comedy material for 10 years running!

Thanks Scott (Electure) for bringing this to our attention!

I guess there is one good thing about this (besides the humor level);
It would most likely Pre-Empt any televised Police chases!
But then again, there was that day when a Police chase was interrupted to show... another Police chase!

I'm declaring Anaheim an Independent State! We are no longer part of California!!!

Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!
#34071 - 02/01/04 04:04 AM Re: Feng Shui Compliance
electure Offline

Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 4259
Loc: Fullerton, CA USA
Good Scott35, (LOL)
We'll declare our town the independent State of Anaheim, but the only actor that we have for Governor will have to come from Disneyland...Mickey Mouse!
(It sounds like we already lost Goofy to San Francisco in the form of Yee).

That's it. I'm leaving the State right now!
(Even tho' I'll be back in a coupla' days, just going to the EW2004 show). See ya...S

[This message has been edited by electure (edited 02-01-2004).]
#34072 - 02/03/04 02:15 PM Re: Feng Shui Compliance
smokeeater 38 Offline
Registered: 07/07/02
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Loc: Indiana
Boy I hope Indiana can adopt this.
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