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#32077 - 12/15/03 11:51 AM Attics
SJT Offline

Registered: 07/24/02
Posts: 242
I guess we've all had our share of attics. Some are a real challenge to get around. How about the ones with the ceiling rafters of the floor below you are 2' on center. You have to be an acrobat.
Anyone got a story about some nasty attics, or crawl spaces? Dust, lack of Air, summer time?
Feet almost going through the floor?

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#32078 - 12/15/03 01:34 PM Re: Attics
Ryan_J Offline

Registered: 08/19/03
Posts: 1355
Loc: West Jordan, Utah, USA
I did a commercial remodel of a building that was built in 1902. They had a suspended ceiling but decided to get rid of it and do the "exposed" look. That led to me being in the attic everyday for about a month, in the middle of summer The attic had all the goodies...dead birds, bats, etc... That must have been the worst job I've ever done.
Ryan Jackson,
Salt Lake City

#32079 - 12/15/03 03:25 PM Re: Attics
mostwanted Offline

Registered: 11/02/03
Posts: 36
Loc: Independence, MO, US
I hate attics. I'll take a crawl space over a attic sauna anyday. I had one that they had completly covered with ply wood. And the HO expected me to fish from up there.

#32080 - 12/15/03 06:50 PM Re: Attics
spkjpr Offline

Registered: 12/01/00
Posts: 226
Loc: Sedalia,MO, USA
Had a young man helping me one time who put not just a foot through the ceiling, he managed to get half of his body through it!

#32081 - 12/15/03 07:55 PM Re: Attics
Bill Addiss Offline

Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 4196
Loc: NY, USA
I'll take a crawl space over a attic sauna anyday.
I think I'd rather work in an Attic than a wet crawlspace with BIG Slugs all over the place.

It's one of my unforgettable memories.


#32082 - 12/15/03 09:37 PM Re: Attics
Attic Rat Offline

Registered: 12/14/03
Posts: 530
Loc: Bergen Co.,N.J. USA
...Same here, man...I was in an attic...(as usual)..this summer,and I'm up there swimmin' thru the sea of insulation, and I heard a buzzing sound down by the eave...I got closer...(stupid move)and lifted the carpet of insulation and was stunned to find the BIGGEST,mother of all hornets nests that I've ever seen in my was a metropolitan city of the winged bastards...I high-tailed it out of there,faster than you could say "Anaphalactic Shock"..and advised the dubious homeowner that if he wanted me to return and finish the job,he'd better get a "bug hit-man" up there....true story..
.."if it ain't fixed,don't break a Licensed Electrician"

#32083 - 12/15/03 09:43 PM Re: Attics
Attic Rat Offline

Registered: 12/14/03
Posts: 530
Loc: Bergen Co.,N.J. USA
..yeah I do alot of attic work,..I can't send the "kids" up there cuz I don't trust them by themselves yet,and also they're so dopey, they might step between the joists and wind up in the dining room downstairs ...or worse....I don't mind it tho'..comes with the territory,..I guess
.."if it ain't fixed,don't break a Licensed Electrician"

#32084 - 12/16/03 06:34 AM Re: Attics
pauluk Offline

Registered: 08/11/01
Posts: 7693
Loc: Norfolk, England
Crawling through attics has got to be my least favorite part of the job. Older houses tend to have quite steep piched roofs, giving room to stand up in the center, but due to age they're usually absolutely filthy up there.

Newer single-storey homes here tend to have much shallower pitch roofs, often the trussed type. The sheer quantity of struts and supports makes crawling through the already limited space very difficult at times, especially when the owner has had an extra complement of fiberglass insulation added so that it's almost impossible to see where the rafters are located.

Crawlspaces aren't nearly so common here, as many newer houses were/are built with solid concrete floors.

#32085 - 12/16/03 07:32 AM Re: Attics
mvpmaintman Offline

Registered: 09/15/03
Posts: 113
Loc: Manhattan, Kansas, USA
I was working in my own house one time and was snaking a wire down the wall. I felt something slither across my ankle, looked and saw a huge black rat snake eyeing me. Yeesh, I got out of there as quick as I could without getting bitten. Thats when I decided to go up from the cellar. At least there I've got a standing start on the critters.

#32086 - 12/16/03 10:23 AM Re: Attics
hbiss Offline

Registered: 12/16/03
Posts: 893
Loc: Hawthorne, NY USA
I once had to run EMT in a crawl space once that originated in the garbage compactor room of an apartment building. There was a never ending supply of cock roaches that supported an equally large community of spiders that fed off them. The cock roach carcases looked literally like coffee grounds and covered the bottom of the crawl space (sometimes inches deep!)and hung in the webs. Attics? NO problem!

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