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#31415 - 11/22/03 12:30 PM Do you Winterize?
Bill Addiss Offline
Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 4196
Loc: NY, USA
As we're getting ready for the colder weather here in the Northeast there are things I do every year. Besides getting leaves up off the lawn etc. I bring any liquids and chemicals in from the unheated garage so they don't freeze.

As far as the truck goes, what do you do?
I'd throw a shovel or two on there if there's snow on the ground or expected. There's low temp pvc cement that makes things easier. I would take all caulks and tape inside overnight and would keep them in the cab or in my pockets on cold days. (Because they freeze and become unusable)

Just curious what preparations or procedures anyone else uses during colder months.

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#31416 - 11/22/03 12:51 PM Re: Do you Winterize?
Roger Offline
Registered: 05/18/02
Posts: 1779
Loc: N.C.
Hello Bill, We had a feeder to replace once and it was scheduled as a shut down to start at 5:00 am.

At this time the old feeder (about 100' 4/0) would be pulled out by truck, and the new feeder would be tied on and pulled in with expectations of having power back on by 7:00 am.

Everything was going fine untill someone remembered the yellow 77 was on the back of their truck at overnight temps of around zero.

We made it on time with the help of a propane torch.

#31417 - 11/22/03 03:40 PM Re: Do you Winterize?
sparky Offline
Registered: 10/18/00
Posts: 5545
studded snows all round the awd van, shovel on board, put the dux seal & caulk on the dash, jump kit w/cartharts,sorels,ski mask, 20' chain in back....

all set to roll.....

#31418 - 11/22/03 03:48 PM Re: Do you Winterize?
ga.sparky56 Offline
Registered: 11/24/02
Posts: 582
Loc: young harris georgia usa
Sparky,is that awd- 4wd van?

#31419 - 11/22/03 03:48 PM Re: Do you Winterize?
walrus Offline
Registered: 07/25/02
Posts: 671
Loc: Bangor Me. USA
If I need 33+ I put it in my pocket, duct seal goes on dash etc. I have so many coats, sweat shirts, hats, gloves, insulated coveralls that I'm the only one who can get in my truck. Maine can be very cold so after awhile you learn to be prepared . Don't do much to the truck, some years I put on snow tires, doubt I will this year, Maine does a great job plowing and sanding
#31420 - 11/22/03 03:49 PM Re: Do you Winterize?
Bill Addiss Offline
Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 4196
Loc: NY, USA
I don't think studded tires have been allowed down here for many years.

Hey, do you get a lot of 'Frost Heaves' where you are? Where I go in NH they have signs all over. I guess with things like that going on every year they might not worry about what the studs do to the roads.

#31421 - 11/22/03 04:50 PM Re: Do you Winterize?
Bjarney Offline
Registered: 04/10/02
Posts: 2561
Loc: West-Southern Inner-Northeast ...
Out West, the Cal/OSHA High Hazard Unit has stepped in with a new seasonal mandate.  [Scott35 and Electure can verify this insane rule.]  We now have to trade in our shortsleeve teeshirts for longsleeve in all months with the letter Q.    

[This message has been edited by Bjarney (edited 11-22-2003).]
#31422 - 11/22/03 05:02 PM Re: Do you Winterize?
walrus Offline
Registered: 07/25/02
Posts: 671
Loc: Bangor Me. USA
We get frost heaves that will rip the front end off a vehicle if you don't know they are there. The state goes around and puts up "BUMP" signs all over the place.Frost heave signs are used also. They show up in the same places every year. Last year where it was so cold they were even worse than normal. Maine roads in general are awful to begin with and once febuary comes around they get even worse until sometime in April depending on the locale
#31423 - 11/22/03 07:22 PM Re: Do you Winterize?
Trumpy Offline

Registered: 07/05/02
Posts: 8560
Loc: SI,New Zealand
Gidday there Bill.
Having just come out a rather hard Winter here, I'm glad that I had the chance to do a really good service on my Faults truck (which is a Toyota Hilux SWB ute).
Before the weather got too cold here, I spent a whole day giving the truck an oil change, replaced the Fuel filter, checked the Belts and Timing Chain.
I flushed the Coolant system and recharged it with new water and Anti-Freeze.
I then checked the AirCon system and ran it for an hour and checked the HP/LP pressures.
I Load tested the Battery and replaced it as it was found to be wanting in CCA, as I have a Winch on the front of this truck.
The Alternator was also tested.
As far as my house goes, I just checked the Air Conditioning pressures and the Compressor currents and all seemed to be fine.
All that was left to do was to get my BIG pot of Winter soup started on the stove and get the bread baking in the oven!.
Let's face it, these days if you're not young, you're old - Red Green grin
#31424 - 11/22/03 07:52 PM Re: Do you Winterize?
waymag Offline
Registered: 01/13/02
Posts: 68
Loc: dallas, texas, USA
Wow I am glad I am in Texas. The winters in Dallas are nothing compared to what you guys are talking about up north. In fact it was 80 here today. Although I miss being up north sometimes. I love how the seasons change up there.
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