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#29138 - 09/09/03 12:33 PM Auto electrics
pauluk Offline
Registered: 08/11/01
Posts: 7520
Loc: Norfolk, England
I'm wondering how many ECN members get involved with automotive electrics from time to time.

In my area of rural England, there are plenty of mechanics at local garages to carry out oil & lube jobs, brake replacement, and all the other "grease monkey" jobs, but few who will get involved with wiring.

As a result, I seem to get called upon fairly regularly to look at vehicle wiring. Many problems are very simple to solve, being down to vibration and corroded connections. Other times people have bought extra lights or fancy radios (sorry, "in-car entertainment systems" ) and don't know how to wire them in.

Tow-bar wiring is another favorite, and the associated systems in travel trailers. The latter seem to be a cause of great confusion to many people.

Sometimes the job is even simpler, like Volvo owners wanting to disable the daytime running lights.

So how about your neck of the woods -- Do you get involved with this sort of thing?
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#29139 - 09/09/03 12:56 PM Re: Auto electrics
C-H Offline
Registered: 09/17/02
Posts: 1497
Loc: Stockholm, Sweden
Why would you want to disable the daytime running lights??? English/American invention which significantly reduces accidents.
#29140 - 09/09/03 01:07 PM Re: Auto electrics
SvenNYC Offline
Registered: 08/19/02
Posts: 1691
Loc: New York City
Because it's a waste of (very expensive) lightbulbs to have them burning during bright daylight. Kind of like keeping your front-door light on so people can see your house during the day.

It's bad enough that they're making these lights so bright that the oncoming traffic practically blinds you.
#29141 - 09/09/03 02:41 PM Re: Auto electrics
Sandro Offline
Registered: 12/30/01
Posts: 444
Loc: Stoney Creek, ON, Canada
Er, Sven... majority of DRL's on cars today use the high beam filament running at a reduced voltage. The low beams used during normal regular night driving will burn out well before the high beams do.
#29142 - 09/09/03 04:57 PM Re: Auto electrics
pauluk Offline
Registered: 08/11/01
Posts: 7520
Loc: Norfolk, England
Sven, I think you'll appreciate these links:

And from Britain:
Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights - UK

Does that answer the question as to why I get asked to disconnect DRLs?

English/American invention? I thought they originated in your part of the world.

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#29143 - 09/09/03 06:33 PM Re: Auto electrics
frenchelectrican Offline
Registered: 02/06/03
Posts: 939
Loc: Wi/ Paris France { France for ...
i work on large truck from time to time to fix few oddball electral related items and not too long ago i work on coach"bus" to hook up trailer wiring it was pain in a butt because the coach have straght 24 volts but trailer have 12 volts but i came up a soluation to use the inveter to drop the voltage and use the relays as need as far for running daylight headlamps it is mantory in cananda but usa it is optional but few think it is a annoy with it and find a way to disable it i done allready few vehecles but i really cant tell here because too many diffrent way to deal with it

merci marc
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#29144 - 09/09/03 07:12 PM Re: Auto electrics
HotLine1 Offline

Registered: 04/03/02
Posts: 6776
Loc: Brick, NJ USA
Good day my friend, how's things on your side of the pond??

Last vehicle I worked on (4 yrs ago) was a NEW rescue rig for a local trauma center. It came from the Mfg with a host of 120 volt problems, bad shore power interconnect, 240 volt hyd. pump motors for "jaws" with a 208 volt genset, etc.

I spent about 50 hrs on it, and believe me, I couldn't get done fast enough. It was tough. Tight spaces, had to dis-assemble a lot to access the genset; be a contorsionist to get to the pumps, etc.

#29145 - 09/10/03 12:21 AM Re: Auto electrics
Trumpy Offline

Registered: 07/05/02
Posts: 8211
Loc: SI,New Zealand
I normally stay away from anything like this, but, when I first started working where I am now, I had the job of assisting to wire a Mobile Lithotripter Bus with Mains and Inverter/Batt systems in it, as well as the standard 24V systems.
Never want to work on ANYTHING as complex as that again, it nearly ate my brain!.
But, having said that, I still install the odd stereo player in cars for friends and other small jobs.
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#29146 - 09/10/03 01:26 AM Re: Auto electrics
Scott35 Offline

Broom Pusher and
Registered: 10/19/00
Posts: 2707
Loc: Anaheim, CA. USA
I do a little (personal mostly) Auto Wiring here and there.

Audio systems, Window / Door locks, and similar "simple" stuff.

Used to really enjoy working on Autos (like back in the 1980's), but now its a different story!

Scott " 35 " Thompson
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#29147 - 09/10/03 02:48 AM Re: Auto electrics
Trainwire Offline
Registered: 03/15/02
Posts: 360
Loc: Strasburg,PA,USA
I work on the side for a car dealer friend of mine, He can buy a car at a discount because the radio/heater/"Tokyo by night" dashboard doesn't work.
I get to fix it, get paid for it and he can resell the car. Everybody's happy, and I can buy my cars cheap.
That and I can work on my own vintage British car's wiring, The wiring is easier to figure out than the diagrams!
I also rewire the odd steam loco too. steam driven generator at 32 vdc.

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