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#24125 - 04/05/03 09:00 AM Light Heights?
joeh20 Offline

Registered: 03/21/02
Posts: 95
Loc: Tullahoma, TN, 37388
Hello all, Question about sconces occupies me today. Wall sconces, single bulb, glass globe and hung on the wall by each booth at the local diner.

Customer wants 10 hung, no problem there, but how high off the table is adequate or pleasing, She has no opinion and I have no idea.
The walls are 10 feet tall and the tables are 32/34" high.

Just wondering if anyone has a number that jumps out, I was thinking 30"from table top to bottom of globe. Thanks Joe
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#24126 - 04/05/03 02:01 PM Re: Light Heights?
Big A Offline

Registered: 01/22/03
Posts: 47
Loc: Lynchburg, VA
Hello Joe,

I was hanging a ceiling fixture in a dining room for a lady before Christmas and she asked me how high I was going to hang it. I asked her how high she wanted it and she said that the lady at the lighting store said that it should be 30" from the top of the table. She seemed surprised that I didn't know that height.

Anywho, I would say that 30" from table top is about right. A quick call to your local lighting store should confirm this.


#24127 - 04/05/03 02:20 PM Re: Light Heights?
golf junkie Offline

Registered: 04/22/01
Posts: 511
Loc: York, NE
30" above the table will be about 5' AFF. That seems low to me, especially with a 10'ceiling.


#24128 - 04/05/03 02:28 PM Re: Light Heights?
spyder Offline

Registered: 10/14/02
Posts: 211
Loc: Massachusetts
It depends on the fixture and preference. The owner of the restuarant does not have an opinion on this? Are these tables or booths? If each booth has a sconce, then I could see it being mounted 12 to 18" above the table. I have worked with interior designers that insist on 65" aff for all sconces.

#24129 - 04/05/03 10:53 PM Re: Light Heights?
joeh20 Offline

Registered: 03/21/02
Posts: 95
Loc: Tullahoma, TN, 37388
Thanks all, these are booths, this poor lady runs this place from can to can't, and has been in the food business for quite some time, but this is the first time she ever had the chance to install and decorate her own place. Just rented the last few places she had.

She didn't have a preference, but she just trust my judgement. The 65" was my first thought. 34" table height+30" high =64" close.

She currently has thirty 2 bulb 8' flourescent strip lights some 40 years old, lighting the place, she wants rid of them, I work on a couple every week it seems. She's hoping these sconces and 7 ceiling fans with light kits will light the place up and with incandescents up there she can dim things a bit for the evening patrons.

Thanks again for the input, sconces have been elusive to me as of now. Joeh20
Lighting the way

#24130 - 04/06/03 07:22 AM Re: Light Heights?
Bill Addiss Offline

Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 4196
Loc: NY, USA

Are there any other eating places around with sconces that she can look at to get an idea? Maybe even a McDs might have some.

I never liked to make decisions like that on my own. I know that some customers even get annoyed by that, but I will usually insist that they point, mark or give me a measurement.


#24131 - 04/06/03 08:39 AM Re: Light Heights?
Redsy Offline

Registered: 03/28/01
Posts: 2138
Loc: Bucks County PA
I know that there is a "rule of thirds" for some interior design considerations. When wallpapering the bottom, or top of a room and painting the other portion, it looks good with the bottom third being a dividing line. Applying this rule for wall sconces without a table underneath, you could use two thirds. This would put your sconces above 6', but on a ten foot ceiling it may balance well. If the intent is to illuminate the booth, try one third the distance from the table top to the ceiling (120"-34" = 86". One third of that is 28" above the table).
What I have done in this type of situation is use graph paper and work up some sketches. You get a pretty clear picture before starting!

#24132 - 04/06/03 10:28 AM Re: Light Heights?
Electricmanscott Offline

Registered: 01/12/02
Posts: 1478
Loc: Holden, MA USA
Tough call for me without seeing the sconce and the booth. But to me I would think that they would only be about eighteen to twenty four inches off the table. This would be if they are intended to light the table area only and are not to bright. Look around in other restaraunts and see what you find.

#24133 - 04/06/03 04:27 PM Re: Light Heights?
harold endean Offline

Registered: 02/16/02
Posts: 2248
Loc: Boonton, NJ
Here in NJ if this is a public place, the sconce lights can not be hung too low. A visually impaired person might hit it. There is a law here in NJ that is American Disability Act (ADA) and that tells you at what height these sconse can be installed at. Now if there were some window planter boxes or something like that to prevent somone from walking into the light, then the height would be determined by the plans, architect or engineer.

#24134 - 04/07/03 05:25 AM Re: Light Heights?
joeh20 Offline

Registered: 03/21/02
Posts: 95
Loc: Tullahoma, TN, 37388
Thanks for all the input again, I had her husband look at them and for this paticular fixture 20" to the center line of the mounting screws looked best, it has a 5" globe on top so the 1/3 theory from table top to ceiling really fit for us.
They're a Hunter brand fixture, chinese made but still rather nice, no sharp edges and a high temp wire wrap sheath.
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