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#23467 - 03/19/03 05:44 AM Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
Joe Tedesco Offline
Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 2749
Loc: Boston, Massachusetts USA
I always think about the time when I turned on a shower and found out that the handles were reversed!

I almost burned myself with the hot water! I find this situation in some of the areas around the country, not just in some the Southern areas. I look now for the H and C and their locations, some are * Cold * Hot

* Symbol for knobs.

Does anyone know if there is a national standard that gives some direction?

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Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant
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#23468 - 03/19/03 06:53 AM Re: Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
watthead Offline
Registered: 10/13/01
Posts: 172
Loc: South Carolina
The plumbers code as I have always heard it is: hot on the left, cold on the right, s--- don't run up hill, payday is Friday, bossman is a SOB, and if you do repair work don't bite your fingernails.

#23469 - 03/19/03 06:54 AM Re: Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
GEO Offline
Registered: 03/12/03
Posts: 47
Loc: Lancaster,Pa
UPC-1991 chapter 10 states hot on the left,it wasn't easy as i thought to find.GEO
#23470 - 03/19/03 10:51 AM Re: Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
Texas_Ranger Offline
Registered: 12/17/01
Posts: 2391
Loc: Vienna, Austria
Wow! Same way as here in Europe.
Any of you guys know countries where this is reversed?
Especially nice is when the taps are connected the wrong way round. Turn up blue-> ouch, hot! red-> f*ck, cold!
#23471 - 03/19/03 11:47 AM Re: Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
SvenNYC Offline
Registered: 08/19/02
Posts: 1691
Loc: New York City
I've heard in Peru they're reversed....but I guess it all depends on who connected the pipes to where initially.

Also, Joe, a word of caution, don't depend on the little red and blue buttons. Sometimes they're reversed and sometimes they're not even there!!! Touch the faucet first. The "cold" tap is usually dripping with condensation.

Was in a restaurant bathroom last weekend....both knobs on the sink tap were marked "C"

I guess C for "Caliente" for Hot and C for "Cold" for Cold? But it was a Chinese restaurant so.... I dunno.

My pet peeve is people who install one-way American-style toggle switches upside down. Not such a big deal when it's a rocker switch though.
#23472 - 03/19/03 01:04 PM Re: Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
RandyO Offline
Registered: 09/26/02
Posts: 30
funny sory... true but funny.

50+ year old electrican, built his own house.

30 years later I am dateing his neice..
He starts braging that he built this house all by himself..

I blurt out .." Is that why hot is onthe right in your bathroom..."

"YES" he says "but we cant change it now"

I say..." just go under the sink and change the leads to the fauset"...
Upon our next visit... its fixed with two bran new braded hoses..

Mean while I feel like a heel for saying such a disrespectfull thing in front of his entire family at the anual reunion!!!!

BUT I TOO had created more than one "hot flushing toilet in my day !!!!!
#23473 - 03/19/03 02:54 PM Re: Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
pauluk Offline
Registered: 08/11/01
Posts: 7520
Loc: Norfolk, England
I don't know if it is quoted in any sort of British Standard somewhere, but here in England it is also accepted convention that hot is on the left, cold on the right. You do sometimes find a tub or basin plumbed in reverse though.

We should also spare a thought for the blind or partially sighted who cannot see the C and H markings.

Other related trivia:
Some old color-coded British faucets used green and red, rather than the blue and red which is now standard.

On older French faucets with letters, the one marked C is the hot (Chaud). The cold one if marked F (Froid).
#23474 - 03/19/03 07:17 PM Re: Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
Electric Eagle Offline
Registered: 04/20/02
Posts: 914
Loc: Alpharetta, GA
My biggest pet peeve are Yankees finding one thing wrong and generallizing that its a Southern thing. I've lived and traveled in the South all my life and have never seen anything other than hot on left and cold on right.

My next biggest pet peeve are Yankees that move to the South and then complain about everything, yet refuse to go back. "Hey Delta flies 16 non-stop flight to New York city every day, can I buy you a one way ticket."
#23475 - 03/19/03 09:52 PM Re: Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
ThinkGood Offline
Registered: 08/07/02
Posts: 1081
Loc: Milwaukee, WI
Pet Peeve:
Drivers who don't use a turn signal!

Runner up:
Drivers who pull out right in front of me, (most likely without having used a turn signal) seemingly in a big hurry, and then slow down.
#23476 - 03/20/03 03:00 AM Re: Whay's Your Pet Peeve?
smokumchevy Offline
Registered: 02/14/03
Posts: 60
Loc: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Right now its: Public Works ENGINEERS

I'm refitting a demolition for the 9th time in a week here all because the engineers 1 floor up insist on making decisions based on 50 yr old blueprints instead of getting off their butt and taking a peek for themselves of whats possible.

Oh well, guess I'll just keep taking out my work and taking their money. Its just that it makes it difficult to continue with quality installations when you know its going to be stripped out in the morning!! lol.

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