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#22900 - 03/06/03 07:31 PM Cuts: Our number one hazard
sparky66wv Offline
Registered: 11/17/00
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Loc: West Virginia
Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later... Actually, I was impressed that we roughed in a whole house without a mishap, but...

We were trimming the KOs out of siding blocks today, being a job I really don't like, trying to cut cold hard plastic...

Not having much luck, scarred the first block on the visible part while trying to cut it, cracked another one, then it happened.

Jimmy was holding his thumb up and the blood started to pour...

Well, I jump up and run to the truck to get the first aid kit, he follows me out. I pull out an alcohol pad and open it and give it to Jimmy to clean his thumb, while I start to tear open one to clean my hands, and... down he goes into the mud... eyes rolled back, mouth gaped open... Well crap, he fainted... So I lift his head out of the mud, say his name a few times, and he comes to, but is confused and puts his injured hand right into the mud...

I finally get him up and into the cab of the truck and he's white as a sheet, complaining that he needs to poop, pee, and vomit, but has apparently forgotten about the thumb I'm trying to dress.

I let him do his thing, he starts to get his senses back, sits down and lets me finish dressing his thumb. Covered in mud, confused to the point I'm suspecting concussion, and looking like hell, I figure I better take him home...

Swears up and down it doesn't need stitches, but I may insist he goes in tomorrow to have it looked at...

What a day...

I did warn him several months ago that cuts were our number one hazard, getting shocked actually being lower on the list...

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#22901 - 03/06/03 08:04 PM Re: Cuts: Our number one hazard
txsparky Offline
Registered: 05/25/01
Posts: 552
Loc: Magnolia,.Texas U.S.A.
Hello 66, Good to hear from you again.

Hate to hear of any accidents. Hope Jimmy will be O.K. Getting cuts seem to be a pretty common occurence in the trade.I know that I have had my share of them.Most often when it's cold and the insulation is stiff on larger wires.
Usually when dealing with a stubborn plastic k.o I opt for a cordless drill and a holesaw. Saves alot of frustration.

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#22902 - 03/06/03 08:49 PM Re: Cuts: Our number one hazard
frenchelectrican Offline
Registered: 02/06/03
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hello 66:

this one of my trick i deal with vinil siding that one is use the hair dryer to make it soft or use over size propane heater ( infraed kind) and the other one is use the battiey powered (cordless) skillsaw type and put the blade backward (that prevent sliding shattered but unforely that true cut is numer one item we have deal i have few cuts myself also one from sideing the other one from big 750 kmcm wire grrrrr
anytime i deal with the knife i use hevey leather glove that seems help alot and i have 2 first aid boxes in my truck

merci marc
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#22903 - 03/06/03 09:13 PM Re: Cuts: Our number one hazard
Trumpy Offline

Registered: 07/05/02
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Loc: SI,New Zealand
Cuts are a real nuisance, especially if it's a really deep cut.
It pays to get any deep cut stitched as soon as possible.
As any first aid course will tell you, if you have to drive an injured co-worker to the medical centre, keep them talking, this will make sure that they do not pass out and die from shock.
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#22904 - 03/06/03 09:48 PM Re: Cuts: Our number one hazard
Bill Addiss Offline
Registered: 10/07/00
Posts: 3875
Loc: NY, USA

Do you mean the Fixture Blocks?
I've always used a pair of Tin Snips (aka Aviation Snips) for cutting the plastic and vinyl stuff. I have a Left-cut, Right-cut and a straight-cut. Don't leave home without them.

#22905 - 03/07/03 03:16 AM Re: Cuts: Our number one hazard
smokumchevy Offline
Registered: 02/14/03
Posts: 60
Loc: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cuts are deff a pain (pardon the pun), and happen so often that going to the clinic or hospital every time is just not an option for me.

Hence, my pouch carries a small bottle of peroxide, crazy glue, electrical tape and serviettes, lol... wash it, wipe it, glue it, cover it & tape it....

Now, get back to work, lol.....

Hope your guy turned out alright, we can't all be tough 'CANADIANS' (just ribbing!!)

#22906 - 03/07/03 03:41 AM Re: Cuts: Our number one hazard
sparky Offline
Registered: 10/18/00
Posts: 5303
Jimmy suffered a little phsycogenic aftereffect eh? , quite common in fact...

It's good you were there for him Virgil, next time don't let him look at the injury if you are able.

#22907 - 03/07/03 08:33 AM Re: Cuts: Our number one hazard
SvenNYC Offline
Registered: 08/19/02
Posts: 1691
Loc: New York City
I guess some people just can't stand to look at blood...especially their own.

I've never understood to me it always seemed a bit weird. But it's a fact of life....

Hope it wasn't serious. I once got gashed in the arm with a broken glass lamp shade (those green bankers lamps).

I was removing the lampholder from said lamp (to keep as a spare for another lamp). My arm slipped and landed across the broken edge of glass....slice.

It was about a millimeter deep and about 4 centimeters long...nice precise incision. Gauze, tape and anti-microbial pomade fixed it.
#22908 - 03/07/03 10:29 AM Re: Cuts: Our number one hazard
Scotts Offline
Registered: 01/17/02
Posts: 209
Loc: Ventura, CA, USA
"I let his do his thing" I bet you had to do your own thing after that experience.

Did Jimmy go to the doctor? If he did then you may need to record it on an OSHA form. It is nnnooooo big deal. Just a form of documentation. Speaking of that you should write own everything that happened and file it away. CYA these days. Not trying to say anything bad about Jimmy.

#22909 - 03/07/03 11:01 AM Re: Cuts: Our number one hazard
Pearlfish Offline
Registered: 09/12/02
Posts: 83
Loc: Chicago Ridge, Il, USA
NO NOT JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, I was stealing a line from The Simpsons)

But seriously, Tell him that we all wish him a speedy recovery.

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