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#21835 - 02/11/03 04:28 AM Styrofoam pre-skin
Redsy Offline
Registered: 03/28/01
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Loc: Bucks County PA
I will be expanding the upper level of my split-level home. I am going to have a 9 x 11 room to play my drums. In order to keep the noise levels to a minimum, I will install fiberglass bats in the walls. I am considering an additional layer of 1/4" styrofoam over the studs before the drywall goes on. Does anyone have any thoughts on this regarding combustibility, etc?


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#21836 - 02/11/03 08:34 AM Re: Styrofoam pre-skin
ThinkGood Offline
Registered: 08/07/02
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Loc: Milwaukee, WI has some advice.

Maybe you can use that spray foam?
#21837 - 02/11/03 11:18 AM Re: Styrofoam pre-skin
Mike Wescoatt Offline
Registered: 06/17/01
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Loc: Cedar City, Utah
The use of resilient channel is recommended and not combustible.
Check out US Gypsum Sound Construction for great detail in recommended construction.

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Mike Wescoatt
#21838 - 02/11/03 04:14 PM Re: Styrofoam pre-skin
John Steinke Offline
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Time-Life has a series of books called "The Home Improvement Library," most likely found at your public library. The volume "Special Purpose Rooms" has a section with many good ideas for sound-proofing.
I also suggest that you look into acoustics in general. Covering styrofoam -even the "fire resistant kind- with at least 1/2" of sheetrock is an excellent idea. Covering the exposed face of the wall with fiberglass batts (faced is OK) will also help the acoustics within the room.
The biggest help for acoustics within the room will be to avoid right angles; a rectangular room is simply awful!
#21839 - 02/11/03 04:28 PM Re: Styrofoam pre-skin
lighthouse Offline
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Loc: philadelphia pa 19125
Redsy...don't forget to put some soundbats in the floors as well.i would also think about installing double rock on the walls too.this may help with the noise.

ThinkGood..i like that .was that a t/m job
#21840 - 02/11/03 06:09 PM Re: Styrofoam pre-skin
HotLine1 Offline

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If this helps:
We installed 6 MG sets in a room adjacent to office area. The GC came up with this "dimpled" foam stuff. Looked like something you would put eggs in.
Black acoustical foam, about 2" thick, dimpled, & about 3' square.

Either WW Grainger or McMaster Carr has it in catalog I think.

If you're interested, let me know & I'll find item ## & $$$
#21841 - 02/11/03 06:18 PM Re: Styrofoam pre-skin
txsparky Offline
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Loc: Magnolia,.Texas U.S.A.
Redsy..Are you that bad that your trying to hide it?
My 15year old son plays drums as well as 1 of my neighbors across the street.My neighbor has a "soundproof" shop in his backyard.It don't work.
#21842 - 02/11/03 07:42 PM Re: Styrofoam pre-skin
frenchelectrican Offline
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he he he yeah somecase it is hard to soundproof the room i did few jobs not too long ago my comester requset put the regenertive blower some place where is not much noise and i suggested him that put in the electral room ( the room is soo huge 30 by 30 !!!)and it is have cement wall with double 2 inch rigid foam insulating wall and it is not 100 % sound proof i can hear some whistling noise from blower like turbine motour at idle but more like muted sound for other job one of my coumster ask me to sound proof it i use the egg crate foam and the celing i use 2x2 tile and i went one step futher i also put it on vertacal also that really kill the sound pretty good
merci marc
Pas de problme,il marche n'est-ce pas?"(No problem, it works doesn't it?)

#21843 - 02/11/03 11:53 PM Re: Styrofoam pre-skin
Scott35 Offline

Broom Pusher and
Registered: 10/19/00
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Loc: Anaheim, CA. USA
Rojo-sy (Redsy with Espanol twist-per some older thread),

I keep forgeting that you are a fellow Drummer-Sparky!

Have you considered muffling your Toms? Cymbals don't workout well being muffled, but their higher Hz sounds decay a lot more per distance, than the sound of kick drums, snare drums and toms.

One really good way to get a grip on sound proofing + room tuning is to check out some practice studios.
Rent a studio for a few hours, and either play alone or bring the whole band there for a jam. Also pay attention to others and just what sound passes into the corridors.

For me personally, to reduce the overall sound of the kit (being a 13 piece double kick set with rock style cymbals) I furred out from original walls - only out 2" total. No direct contact between existing walls and the steel studs.
Inserted thin insulation - the stuff used by HVAC installers to wrap their ducts at joints and such - and let it hang kind of loosely in the wall cavity.
Sealed around outlets and at floor/sheetrock joints with silicone sealant (flexible when dry).
Sealed up window mounting points (inside and out), plus replaced windows with double pane setups.
Added a 2x2 T-Bar grid, 6" below the existing hard lid. Inserted R-19 3.5" insulation bats in the ceiling space.

To help "Tune" the room better, one furred out section was "offset" by a small fraction, resulting in a non-equal room size.
This helps reduce the problems involved with crappy sound in a Rectangular Room (mentioned by a member). One wall was offset 2" more at an end.
If you can afford Neoprene, use it to gasket and seal stuff.

Having done some very simple stuff, had a friend play the kit "hard", while I observed from outside.
Sound intensity at 10 feet from the room was equal to normal conversation!
My Wife opened the door, and BOOM!!! Loud As Heck!!!

Good luck and have fun playing!

Scott35 S.E.T.

p.s. what kind of kit do you have?
Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!
#21844 - 02/12/03 04:14 AM Re: Styrofoam pre-skin
Redsy Offline
Registered: 03/28/01
Posts: 2056
Loc: Bucks County PA

I currently have a REMO Quadura 5 Pc. with "power toms". Also an assortment of Zildzian & Paiste cymbals. When the renovation is complete, I hope to buy a new Ludwig "Classic Birch" set(jazz size)to christen the room.

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