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#152243 - 04/22/04 03:13 AM ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
Scott35 Offline

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ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment

Attached is a compiled image containing some ITE Pushmatic Equipment (Similar to the "Bulldog" line).

Notice the original Carton and original individual boxes for the breakers! My Father had these in stock / storage, and must have purchased them new.

The Circuit Breakers in the boxes are "P1520's", which are Duplex Single Pole Frames (only connect to one Bus, mount on only one side of the Bus kit).
They have One (1) 15 Amp Single Pole, and One (1) 20 Amp Single Pole terminal - like a standard "Stack" or "Piggy-Back" Breaker would.
Even though they can only be used for Single Pole Circuits (1 Ungrounded Conductor , only terminating from 1 Ungrounded Bus), they are still "Slash Rated" as "120/240V A-C"

Below is a compiled page of images:

Image #1: ITE "Pushmatic" Items

#1: Overview of a complete / full Pushmatic Bus Kit; Notice the large Frame "Main" at the top.

#2: Close-Up of the same Bus Kit.

#3: "Pushmatic" Carton's label.

#4: Remaining individual boxes of "P1520"s in the Carton - total of Fifteen (15).

#5: P1520's Box - End View.

#6: P1520's Box - Side View.

#7: P1520 Frame and Box.

#8: P1520 Circuit Breaker only.

#9: Close-Up shot of Box's End view - as seen in Number 5 above.

The Bus Kit shown in #1 & #2 is 100 Amp max. 120/240 VAC 1Ø 3W.


Posted 04/22/2004

Orig. File: (WS6) F:\E_Lessons\ECN_Upload\Antique_Im\Upld\PMT_01J.JPG
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#152244 - 04/22/04 08:19 AM Re: ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
Lostazhell Offline

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Loc: Bakersfield, CA (Originally Or...
I had a customer give me an old pushmatic breaker... But the box it came in was "Gould" .. Bulldog Electric /Pushmatic has changed hands quite a few times... Now the patent is owned by Siemens if Im not mistaken..


#152245 - 04/22/04 08:43 AM Re: ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
mamills Offline

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Loc: Wharton, Texas, USA
Are these pushmatics still being manufactured? They seen to be pretty rare down here in my area (SE Texas) but every so often one will pop up (please pardon the pun ) somewhere...

Mike (mamills)

#152246 - 04/22/04 12:12 PM Re: ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
ElectricAL Offline

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The SpeedFax Catalog has a selection of Pushmatic equipment on page 1-28. It's available online in a half meg .pdf file here:

Al Hildenbrand

#152247 - 04/22/04 02:17 PM Re: ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
Bjarney Offline

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I have a strong feeling that Spaceley Sprockets—George Jetson's employer—would have made these in 1980 had the show still been in production… "Breaker of the Future" and all that. :-]

#152248 - 04/22/04 02:43 PM Re: ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
frenchelectrican Offline


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i did see alot of push-matic breaker in this area but only thing i hate the most is 100 amp breaker when they go out they are pretty hard to find a replacement breaker for it and useally cost more than new breaker box will run for it .

the other pushmatic breaker box i ran into but i did not get chance to get a photo is the 3 phase pushmatic load center !!! now that is a rare item btw it have 400 amp main breaker but the bus bar inside the pushmatic is very instering arrangement there it will drive some peoples nuts with this one..

merci, marc
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#152249 - 04/22/04 05:57 PM Re: ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
swedejr Offline

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Loc: East Granby, Ct. US
I used to be able to get a generator panel with Pushmatics in it. You would put a 2 pole in the first position (sub-feed from panel) then another 2 pole in the next position (generator feed). They were tied together with a plastic interlock piece that would allow only one breaker to be energized at any one time. You would add breakers in the other positions for the loads you wanted on emergency power.
Pretty trick stuff...

#152250 - 05/13/04 09:48 AM Re: ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
Lostazhell Offline

Registered: 02/21/04
Posts: 1248
Loc: Bakersfield, CA (Originally Or...
Anyone else ever had problems with the heads of the screws breaking off where the breaker bolts to the busbars? I come across Bulldog bus I end up retapping quite a bit because of this...


#152251 - 06/19/04 01:53 AM Re: ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
git r dun Offline
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I am about to rewire/update a house that has Pushmatic in it. Is anyone interested in the equipment

#152252 - 06/20/04 06:16 AM Re: ITE "Pushmatic" Equipment
DougW Offline

Registered: 06/08/03
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Loc: North Chicago, IL
That brings back memories - we had those in my house growing up.

If my folks were still in that house (Mom moved after Dad died) I would've made some major changes to their electric by now...

BTW Mom sold to a developer who gutted / remodeled, including power and heat. No I didn't an "invitation to bid"

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