Basic LAN Map #1

The following image describes a very basic setup for a simple LAN
(Local Area Network).

The image shows a simple 10/100 BASE T type Ethernet Network (Star Topology)

LAN has the following nodes/Peripheral items connected:

    [*] WAN connections to other networks via direct connection at the Router, plus through Telco lines via the bridge,

    [*] One File/Server machine,

    [*] One Laser Printer - LAN PRINTER 1,

    [*] One PLOTTER - also a LAN Printer,

    [*] Three Workstations without a Local Printer attached - they print to the LAN PRINTER or to the PLOTTER,

    [*] One Workstation with a connected Local Printer - may also print to LAN PRINTER and PLOTTER,

    [*] One Eight Port Patch Bay,

    [*] One 10/100 MBPS Switch/Hub.

Items are connected via CAT-5e or CAT-6 UTP Cable from Patch Bay to Mod. Jacks (outlets).
From Mod. Jacks to machines/equipment, or between Patch Bay and Switch: CAT-5e/CAT-6 UTP Patch Cords.

Let me know if this drawing is OK, and if I should post additionals!


Image 1: Ethernet Star Topology LAN - 10/100 BASE T
Scott " 35 " Thompson
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