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2 Phase 4 Wire Transformer Connection.

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Topic: 2 phase 4 wire schematic - last in the series
posted 05-11-2001 03:42 AM

This final schematic demonstrates one of the methods of deriving 2 phase systems from a 3 phase source.
Notice the 86% tapped coils and the 50% tapped coils.
This is known as the "Taylor Method". I know of one other 3 phase closed delta primary to 2 phase 4 wire
connection - which uses 3 transformers. It's similar to this, just tap points are swapped around a bit.

Mostly the 2 phase setups were done by means of an open delta "Tee" connection for the primary, then the 2
phase 3/4 wire output was also connected in a "Tee" arrangement [AKA Scott - TEE connection. Funny, that
name seems oddly familiar to me ].
An open delta Tee connection is done with tapped windings, whereas the more familiar open delta Vee
connection is just a closed delta with 2 transformers instead of 3.

The outputs here are "Phase 1" [two wires] and "Phase 2" [also a set of two wires].
Between the conductors of a certain Phase, there is a potential [voltage], and each one is a stand-alone
phasor [phase].
Phase offset between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is 90 degrees.

This is the infamous 2 phase system - which a simple 1 phase system gets mistakenly quoted as being

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my edit is towards incorrect labels on phases - only noticed after posting -

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2 Phase 4 Wire "Tee" Connections.

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Topic: 2 phase xformer detail 1
posted 05-18-2001 09:37 PM

Here's a 2 phase 4 wire "Tee" connection, using two transformers and powered by an open delta Tee 3 phase
primary connection.

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2 Phase 3 Wire "Tee" Connections.

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Topic: 2 phase xformer detail 2
posted 05-18-2001 09:41 PM

Here's another 2 phase setup, just this one is a 3 wire connection. The common conductor is grounded in this
Pictorials show what the legend schematics would look like and how they connect to make this arrangement.
Once again, this is via a 3 phase open delta Tee connected primary.

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