Here's a few shots of Traction Motors on Locomotives.
Traction Motors are built onto the axles of Diesel-Electric locomotives, and receive their power via the main Alternator / Generator connected to the Prime Mover [Diesel Motor].
The Diesel Motor is not directly connected to the locomotive's axles - such as how an Automobile's motor will be somewhat directly connected to the drive axle[s] via the transmission and clutch / Torque Converter.
Instead, the Prime Mover [Diesel Motor] drives an Electric Generator / Alternator, which in turn creates Electrical power for driving the Traction Motors.

This accomplishes a much more secure power transfer method under high torque / high stalled situations - ones where a clutch plate would easilly fry out, or a torque converter would have very little effectiveness.

The first two are on the SD40T-2 "Tunnel Motor" unit, shown in the General Discussion area. I'll post more as they become available.

Traction Motor on 3rd axle of front truck,

Close up of same Traction Motor.

posted 11/13/2001

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