Schematic of full wave bridge rectifier with Capacitor input PI filter.
Note: Resistor "R1" is a "Loading Resistor", which loads the rectifier to 10% of rating. A simple, yet inefficient method of voltage regulation and rectifier stabilization.
DC output is somewhat smooth, due to the filter. Following are current wave plots taken at 3 key points on the rectifier.
For simplicity, distortion from Commutating Reactance Factor, along with Harmonics, has not been figured in these plots. E / I is shown as clean - basic sine waves.

AC output from the transformer's secondary, into the Rectifier. Plotted at [AC] points.

Pulsating DC output from Rectifier, to Filter input. Plotted at [+DC] and [-DC] points.

Resulting DC output from Filter. Pulsations are lowered and output takes a more straight line flow. Plotted at [+DC OUT] and [-DC OUT] points.

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Scott SET 08/31/2001
Scott " 35 " Thompson
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