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#147790 - 02/18/03 01:36 PM Hand Washing
Roger Offline
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Why aren't there requirements for hand washing facilities on job sites?

With hands being one of the major disease transmitors, I wonder why OSHA has not required this, especially outside of porta jons. I know not all would use it if it were there, but many would. These could be chemical type dispensers with paper towels.

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#147791 - 02/19/03 03:22 AM Re: Hand Washing
sparky Offline
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a valid concern Roger.

disease probably constitutes a higher mortality/morbidty rate than falls of electrocutions in our trade.

assumably just as much down time, missed time, sick days etc.

the problem is the incubation time results in one's realizing thier illness some time after exposure, thus it can be construed as not job related.

of course, this might change should the CDC find ebola in the porta potty, which would be an extreeme........

CFR 1910.1030 is the closest OSHA comes to this i believe, perhaps the Prof will clarify...

Until then, pass the hat and get some diaper wipes, a small $$$ to pay to avoid this projectile vomiting thing going around
#147792 - 02/19/03 05:40 AM Re: Hand Washing
ThinkGood Offline
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Until then, pass the hat and get some diaper wipes, a small $$$ to pay to avoid this projectile vomiting thing going around

You're not kidding! My 2 children had it, one a few days after the other. Then my wife. Then me. Then the children again and then I had it again! That was with being careful to wash our hands--not easy, though, when it comes to the kiddies.

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#147793 - 02/23/03 07:27 AM Re: Hand Washing
iwire Offline
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OSHA 1926.51(f)washing facilities

(1)The employer shall provide adequate washing facilities for employees engaged in the application of paints, coatings, herbicides, or insecticides, or in other operations where contaminants may be harmful to the employees. Such facilities shall be in near proximity to the worksite and shall be so equipped as to enable employees to remove such substances.

We keep hand washing wipes in our gang box they work well they will remove the grease and oil from MC cable that gets on your hands, this is good if want to eat your sandwich with out it turning black.


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Bob Badger
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#147794 - 02/24/03 09:33 AM Re: Hand Washing
BuggabooBren Offline
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Just some suggestions, from the mom of a 7-yr old and 2 6-yr olds (who, by the way, can be veritable germ factories or distributors on any given day)...

1) Cleanliness & germ killing:
Clorox wipes are about the best thing since water, I think. Keep them in the house and the car. Wipe down handles, seats, door knobs, etc, as you exit the car. In the house wipe down faucets, toilet flush handles, toilet seat, door knobs, tv controls, etc. twice a day at a minimum. Use the bleach toilet drop-ins to kill germs in the potty. Use anti-bacterial soap and wash often. Line trash cans with plastic grocery bags and remove them daily. Use antiseptic mouth wash such as Listerine to kill germs on contact in your mouth. Clean toothbrushes in the dishwasher daily. Lysol or other disinfectant spray can kill germs on fabric or other surfaces and freshen up a room where the air is stale or germ-laden. Do not share eating utensils or drinking cups. Make 'high fives' the most loving expression for the duration of the illness and avoid kisses until everyone's healthy again. Latex gloves are not a bad idea for any healthy person who is assisting with the care and clean up of those who are ill.

2) Restoration of your health:
Add an hour or two of sleep unless you're already down for the count. Add a quart of water to your intake for each 8-hour period you're awake. If you're losing your stomach contents, you're also losing electrolytes (which keep your heart rhythm in the right sync so it's IMPORTANT), you need to add liquid Jello or pedialyte (which smells good but the taste is soooo lacking & doesn't match the aroma so it often doesn't appeal to kids). This is the home version of intake of similar elements that you get at the hospital and they use a saline solution for an IV. Ask your doctor if using yogurt or other forms of cultured or natural lactobacillus might be useful to restore the 'good' bacteria in your digestive system.

When everyone is well, it's unnecessary to use anti-bacterial soap and in fact, over-using it can kill the 'good' bacteria that maintains the healthy balance our systems require.
#147795 - 03/11/03 04:15 PM Re: Hand Washing
lancemurray Offline
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What starts in California usually reaches the rest of the country sooner or later. Cal-OSHA just started a new hand wash standard that went into effect in February '03. All construction sites must provide running water, soap and disposable towels for all workers on the job. One faucet per 20 workers on a site. Hand washing facilities must not be attached to portable toilet facilities. They must be stand alone units. I'm sure it won't take long for this standard to spread across the rest of the country and for Fed-OSHA to adopt as well. Rental units are available from the portable toilet companies and they are charging anywhere from $35 to $160 a month.

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