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#127415 - 06/23/01 05:58 PM GFCI & refrigerators
Tom Offline
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Since the thread was closed on the other forum, I'd like to post the following observations.

Don't confuse empirical data with anecdotal data. Unless you're taking measurements in a recognized scientific manner, any observations in the field about GFI's & refridgerators is strictlyt anecdotal.

GFI receptacles amaze me to no end. I'm currently on a job that is served by one GFI receptacle (it actually works & has been tested). On most days, there is approximately 1500 to 2000 feet of cord plugged into it with no trouble. I don't have enough fingers & toes to count the 3 way splitters.

However, if there is the least little bit of fog in the morning,out comes the WD-40, becuse the GFI keeps tripping.

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#127416 - 06/24/01 04:37 AM Re: GFCI & refrigerators
sparky Offline
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worksites always amaze me also, as they operate many times in direct confliction to any electrical math i may do.

onto GFI's,
To me, the optimum method in wiring a new kitchen is to utilize 210-52(b)(1) EX 2. I do this to free up the small app circuit.

As this is now dedicated, there is no indication other than the fridge itself as to nusiance tripping, were it to be served via GFI.

I do not advocate a GFI in this scenario, however, as a general observation, the requirements of the NEC to GFI or not to GFI makes little sense at least to me

I have seen hardwired pools , 480V 100A submersibles with divers in close proximity ,40A and up welder circuits in the rain, as well as a variety of other unmentionable circumstances that the NEC would preclude GFI's, yet we are to argue a Fridge's applicability here???
#127417 - 06/24/01 08:08 AM Re: GFCI & refrigerators
electure Offline

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I humbly suggest that anybody wanting to argue a subject go to
We're here to help each other, and although we may disagree at times, discussions needn't dip to the level of arguments. It's beneath our combined dignity.
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#127418 - 06/24/01 10:14 AM Re: GFCI & refrigerators
sparky Offline
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#127419 - 06/24/01 10:52 AM Re: GFCI & refrigerators
sparky66wv Offline
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#127420 - 06/24/01 03:13 PM Re: GFCI & refrigerators
sparky Offline
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Apparently proposal 2-32 in the ROP's has generated much response in the ROC's.

the jist being that many GFI's are dysfunctional

false safety is worse in my opinion.

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