Our new Gov Douglas gave Vermont's state OSHA the boot a while back
Douglas argued earlier that VOSHA was a duplication of the federal OSHA program. He said the state could save $250,000 annually by eliminating most of the Vermont program and letting federal OSHA inspectors take over.

In a nushell, it comes down to $$$$
Both versions of the budget include expectations that VOSHA will collect more fines from employers to help pay its own way

The only interest any 'safety teeth' illicit seems to be through fear of reprisal.
The same entity who dictates criterion, also fines for violations here.

There seems little funding toward the concept of safety being implemented elsewhere, say as an apprenticeship prerequisite, although the guru's all bemoan education.....

I find this 2 dimensional at best.

So the big pix becomes cloudy, uncertain...

~who should pay for safety?

~who should be held responsible?

~is the current institution of doctrine/violation working?