OK, this is all just my opinion. I am not an electrician. I am a landlord and have done a lot of remodeling. First of all I don't think you can even buy two prong outlets anymore, if you could they would be way more expensive than the Home Depot .29 and demand. To actually ground the outlet would involve running a ground wire to every outlet. Basically you would have to rewire the whole house....way to expensive. If you had a two prong outlet you would still have to use one of those adapter thingies and would still not have a ground. If your really worried about getting shocked or a fire add a few GFI's and plug your computer into a surge protector. Very few fires are started by the houses wiring....if it's electrical it's usually what someone plugged into it that started it. I can't belive I replied to this post. Here are some funny pic.s to make up for it.