Over the winter, I successfully grounded all but one outlet in my room. This remaining outlet is a quad, in other words two separate outlets in one receptacle, see the picture below. In addition the outlet on the left is wired into a wall switch. Now I am really only concerned with getting the right outlet grounded, as I never use the switched one on the left, but the right needs to be grounded for my computer’s UPS when I bring it home from college this summer. From what I can see there are a total of 5 romex wires going in/out of the receptacle, two going into the outlet on the left, two coming out of the outlet on the left and then one going into the outlet on the right. The outlet seems to be wired very odd, the outlet on the right is normal, two white wires on the right side and two black wires on the left side. But the left outlet has only white wires going into it, two on the left side and one on the right side, there is also a wire nut in the box which must be joining some wires together. I am assuming it is wired odd due to the fact it is a quad and that the left outlet is switched. I really am not sure how to go about grounding this thing, I can see a total of three loose copper ground wires in the box that are not connected to anything and just wrapped around three of the romex wires in there. Is it possible to safely replace and ground just the right outlet and leave the left one alone? I tried to explain this as clearly as possible but I understand this is something that is hard to discuss over the internet, but I know there are some electrical people on here who can hopefully offer some advice, as I would rather not call and electrician for one damn outlet. Thanks.

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