My company is having a hard time finding qualified electricians. If anyone is interested in a good paying job send me a message. I just work as an electrician at Olin, I'm not any part of the hiring process. But I will point you in the right direction.

my e-mail:

Company: Olin Corproration

Location: East Alton, Illinois (1/2 hour North of St. Louis, MO)

Position: Journeyman Electrical/Electronic Technician (electrician)

Union: IBEW 649

pay: ~$25.00/hr plus shift differential, medical, dental, retirement, 401K

overtime?: Yes. sometimes alot and sometimes forced until you get some seniority behind you.

shiftwork?: Yes. Until seniority allows you to keep straight days

requirements: minimum of 5 years industrial maintenance or 4 year approved apprenticeship and/or electrical degree.

functions: Knowledge of about every aspect of electrical work from running conduit in new machine installations to troubleshooting very complex automated systems involving PLC's, VFD's, instrumentation, phnuematic, hydraulic, and processor based systems.

I know good jobs are hard to come by especially with benefits. Last year I made $84,000(lots of overtime!). If you know anyone or just looking to improve your life send me a message. I've also seen our ad on

Thanks, Doug.

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