Not sure if this is quite appropriate, but I know that several members here are in the Boston area.

I'm getting rid of surplus materials from my lab, and among other supplies there is a roughly 100 foot roll of 3-3 NM-B, 20 feet of 4-4 MC, and random other lengths (under 4 feet) of heavy gage MC and SO cable.

If you can use these materials, and are willing to pickup in Waltham, I am willing to let the material go for free. But if you take it for free, I will make you take all of the random bits of wire; this is perfect if you regularly send copper to the scrap yard. I'd also get to put a face on one of the names that I see here

If you can suggest a good scrap metals place for me to take this material to, then I'll haul the stuff in and get some beer money.

E-mail me for further information. I will post here after the material is claimed or disposed of.

-Jonathan Edelson