[Prepost: Just saw this 'Please understand that this Forum is not meant for How-To questions from untrained persons. (DIYers)' in my confirmation e-mail... I truly understand the reasoning behind that, and I will admit this may be considered a DIY project being that I am a 17 yr old, and I am untrained. But I am interested, and my status may not be "untrained" for so long. Hopefully you won't mind giving me a hand. I won't interfere in the future! If you feel truly offended, or the like, that I am here, feel free to suggest me elsewhere Thank you]

Hey guys... My first post here so lemme just get the basics out: I'm 17, pretty good with my hands, been doing wood/metal working for awhile, done plenty of computer electronics & such but very very little home-type electrical (Don't think it would be legal for me to, anyway.)

My question is regarding a light I am making. I am making its base out of wood on a lathe. It is pretty much cigar shaped (16 inches high, tapers in on both ends) At the top, I'd like to have a halogen lamp shining upwards, and I have 3 flex lamps that I'd like to have 'sprouting out' from the base. It would be preferable if it only needed one plug.

Any suggestions on how to go about doing this? I have been designing it all out myself, but I'd love to see some professional ideas. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the assistance