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Subject: State of Texas Electrical Licensing Notification

I was a licensed master electrician in City of El Paso up until this year. I have kept my license current with the City of El Paso for the past nine years. The State of Texas (as of September 2003) in all its legal right decided that state licensing for electricians working within the state would be the new mandate this year. I have no problem with these views, it is probably something that was way past due. The manner in which all licensed electricians were notified within the city (and the State) does leave something to be desired. Speaking with electrical inspectors for The City, I was informed that other than a “legal notice of such”, in one of the local newspaper Sunday editions the only other “notification of the facts” was by word of mouth alone. It is now only a matter of time before city licenses are obsolete. The fact that a realistic effort to notify the licensed individuals (by mail) who are holding these licenses was not made makes us feel as though we have two classes of citizens. I seriously doubt that if we were licensed engineers or members of the Bar Association we would have received the same type of notice or amount of time to “grandfather” our occupational licenses. My employment with a local El Paso manufacturing facility was conditional upon being a licensed master electrician. In my younger years, I worked and studied hard for The City of El Paso Master Electrician Exam. Imagine yourself having to study for the Bar Exam after practicing law for twenty years. Maybe our “occupational licenses” are not as prestigious as an engineering or law degree hanging on your walls but we make our living with the same. I am not the only one in this predicament, there are many who at this point in time (renewal of licenses in February) are not even aware of their situation. I have already been in contact with other electricians within the city who were not aware of the facts. Speaking with officials of the state licensing department, I found that they have had “many complaints but this is the law and we must follow the law”. This may have been done in a “legal” manner but morally it leaves a lot to be desired. Help me make it fair for all who worked hard for their livelihood. Let us change the law by giving all those who are qualified in the State of Texas a realistic opportunity to maintain their occupational licenses.