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#125293 - 11/22/04 06:22 PM Electrician or Bookworm?
mustangelectric Offline

Registered: 02/08/04
Posts: 496
Loc: Bentonville, AR
I was on a job in the late 80's up in a NE state, and if I remember right they had a law on the books, maybe they still do..but the law only required a person to have 750 hours of classroom training to qualify for a Journeymans License...the Vo-Tech schools up there gave a class that once you passed you could go down and take the exam.

They kept sending these BOOK smart hands out to the job that had no practical experience. They would show up with a sharp pencil and their calculator and not a clue about the real world. They would go on and on about how to do everything according to code and how nobody else could possibly do anything right. Ask them to bend you a stub 90 and they freeze! USELESS. I can tell you that nobody cared much for those hands and they always seemed to be eating alone it was becasue they acted like KNOW-IT-ALL'S.

None of them knew what a Chicago bender was, none of them knew what a kick or a dog-leg was and not a single one of them could hook up a mares tail or do stress cones etc... They did not know very much at all about the hands on hard work and the nuts and bolts that goes along with education. This brings me to my point..

There is a person that hangs out on this site like this and he all of a sudden decides to attack I decided to stand my ground..I aint afraid of him...I can work circles around that boy anyday! I have more right to be here than he does.( I do not need to name him) And who apparently is the authority on everything electrical and he alone wants to try and dictate who is qualified to participate on the site and what qualified means....and I know the reference in the code book so please do not copy and paste that in here. there is another place on the site where you can get all of that you can stand..makes for good bedtime reading..BORING..he doesnt really understand the electrical trade at takes all kinds of electricians..residential, commercial and industrial....this is a broad field NOBODY KNOWS EVERYTHING..IF THEY SAY THEY DO RUN...

As far as I can tell this person has never had a screwdriver in their hand or ran a stick of pipe..yet he acts like he is the final word on life itself.

I think the person is using this site to promote his own business.SURPRISE! yeah is ok for him but no ec should be using the site to help with a job or estimate..that is RIDICULOUS! I almost fell out of my chair when I read that! I guess he is jealous...most of the time he is always referring everybody back to his own website. He also contradicts himself all the time.and I would not be too quick to be suckered in by everything he says...I have looked back at some of his ramblings and some are quite comical..if it was up to him none of us ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS would even be able to use the site..except the ones he approves of course...THIS IS NOT A DIY site he says..have you ever worked on your car? There are lots of examples of where a person may decide to try to solve a problem on his own. Would you rather help him or watch him get hurt? I have seen some of the worst installations you can imagine...guess what they are still working! They may not be 100% code but they got the job done and nobody died and no house burned down...I am not saying that it is right I am saying IT EXIST. ACCEPT it and learn to understand that just because a homeowner or someone else wants to change a switch that THEY CAN ACTUALLY DO IT!

Is this guy a ROBOT who gets so hung up on simple human mistakes that if you make one you are all of a sudden NOT QUALIFIED. And he goes on and on about boring UL listings that do not have squat to do with the electrician and he post photos that could be anything in the world.. but he uses them to try and scare people and places his own scenarios (nobody can confirm any of this) with the photos and with some horrible concocted scenario that WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE..he claims that the people who do this are the greatest sinners in the world and these people should be jailed! Is he for real? He is obviously a little too wrapped up in his world..he needs a reality check..

Is this really the right site for him to be preaching on?

He needs to accept that a homeowenr has everyright in the world to do whatever he likes to his home and will continue to do that as long as man lives under a roof....You cant go around telling a homeowner what he can do and what he cant do. You should try to HELP. And you shouldnt be going around trying to scare little old ladies with a doomsday prediction of what a danger an octagon box with two ungrounded circuits terminated in it is just because TODAY it isnt accepted. I say that octagon box has worked for 40 years with no problem and no matter how much preachin you do that liitle box is going to work another 40 years just like it is. I can take a photo of a electrical box that was run over by a train and claim my neighbor was doing unsafe elctrical work and try and make a nickel on it or I can be realistic and realize that this is not a perfect world we live in and these things do happen you will NEVER STOP IT.

You have heard of those BIBLE THUMPERS well this guy is a NEC & UL BOOK THUMPER!

Sure I am all for learning the trade and the NEC and doing quality work...but I am not impressed by someone who preaches the gospel of electricity in such a righteous and self serving way. As far as I can tell without his book or photos he is lost!

Then he goes and complains that AN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR IS POSITNG QUESTIONS ON THIS SITE NAD HE MAY BE DOING IT FOR SELF GAIN! DUH! HELLO! I think he is afraid someone else may be stealing his thunder? Huh? How about it? Who is he to tell anybody what to say or not to say?

It just seems to me that there is a difference between a so called EDUCATOR and a real electrician. This is no place for a person who's only interest is obviously just to promote himself and to intimidate and talk down to everyone.

I thoguth this was a pretty good site until that preacher decided to put his two cents in..THIS SITE IS FOR ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS not DICTATORS!

This person gives the site a bad rep and turns people off. There are a lot of different types on the site and it takes all kinds to make it boring would it be if everything was copied and pasted from a book! For god sakes has the person ever done any real work? Does he not have any examples of ACTUAL problems of workjing day to day as an electrician? He is certainly the rudest person I have ever run across on the site!

Myself, I would rather hear from a QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN OR CONTRACTOR THAN some BOOKWORM who has never bent an offset!

I hope I didnt upset you MISTA...just MY TWO CENTS..


Hope this was not too harsh on the ol boy!


[This message has been edited by mustangelectric (edited 11-22-2004).]
Electricity has no respect for ignorance!

#125294 - 11/22/04 06:46 PM Re: Electrician or Bookworm?
CharlieK Offline

Registered: 03/10/03
Posts: 23
Loc: Baltimore. Md. U.S.A.
There are some great people on this site who have helped me through a tough problem now and again. The man you are referencing is one of them. Some people come on board and post questions and you wonder how they got their masters. I have felt this way a time or two also. Sometimes it is best to take it in stride or get over it. You were not around when Bennie posted here. He told you the way it was, no sugar coating. May he rest in peace. Think about what you post. Read it over, if you are comfortable with it post it. The reply is not always what you want to hear but thats life.

#125295 - 11/22/04 06:56 PM Re: Electrician or Bookworm?
mustangelectric Offline

Registered: 02/08/04
Posts: 496
Loc: Bentonville, AR
Thanks for the reply...I have been a member of the site since 2000. I agree with you but I still stand by what I said.

I know there will be some brainwashed fools outhere who will jump off the bridge with him...but not me.

I still respect your opinion which if I may quote your friend is a PERSONAL one!



[This message has been edited by mustangelectric (edited 11-22-2004).]
Electricity has no respect for ignorance!


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