Hi all just joined this forum. here is my problem. I am in the process of hooking up my hot tub. This is what i have... a straight 50 amp breaker out of my main panel.... #6/3 wire....neutral and ground are on the same bus..... to the GFCI subpanel(midwest spa panel from Lowes)both hots on each lug, the neutral on the Neutral lug and the ground wire on the Grounding bus.... two separate buses. Now, from the spa pack i have two hots a neutral and a ground. The two hots are going into each lug on the GE 50 amp GFCI breaker. The neutral is going to the neurtal lug on the GFCI and the ground is going to the grounding bar. The pigtail off the GFCI is going to the neutral bar. when i fire it up the GFCI trips. I decided to bypass the GFCI. i put the spa leads into the lugs of the panel. The tub fires up fine... I put an amp meter on the neutral and it showed that there were 7 amps coming off of that. I am perplexed. I spoke with someone and they told m to make sure you have grounding rods on your panels and tub. then to troubleshoot. Has anyone come into this problem?? Any questions coments are appreciated.