For all the UK sparks that visit here, there is a new body being established to be the voice of Electricians and Electrical Engineers in the UK.

The Association of Electricians and Electrical Engineers

The Offical launch is planned for June, although this may be delayed a couple of weeks for logistical reasons.

The aim is simple..speak out, and represent those that do the job, it is not, and never will be, a Union, more of a trade organisation that will be owned solely by it's members.

Members can be from any background or role in the industry, some of those that have joined so far are apprentices, self-employed sparks, Testing Engineers, two Government Research Engineers (MIEE's as well) and a University Lecturer.

I too am a member, and I am a Company Director..

It is not about elitism or exclusions, it is about taking control of the industry back from the faceless people who make illogical decisions that impact our everyday working lives and invariably cost us money and work.


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