Photo's and info submitted by Kenbo:
I thought I would send you these photos because when I saw the situation originally, I nearly crashed my car.
Driving home in the dark I knew they had started work on the new Kincardine bridge over the river Forth. But what I saw was the barge in the photo partly lit up directly under what I knew was 275Kv lines. They looked to be touching.
I had to go back and have a look in the day-light and took my camera. In reality the work was going on about 50meters up stream from the towers and the top of the rig was about 10 - 15 meters bellow the lines so in reality it was just an illusion from the road they are no where near to each other at all. I did walk up to the 250Kv tower to get more photos but the battery in my camera had run out.

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