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#124311 - 09/10/06 03:35 PM Truth in Panel ID
renosteinke Offline
Cat Servant

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A place I was recently at had an interesting way of marking the electrical panel circuits:

The folks who worked here were not literate in English...nor, probably, in their native tongue, either.

I should point out that the exposed breakers control the lights; the panel has breakers in every space, and the panel cover is intact. The cardboard is there only to prevent somone from flipping the wrong breakers.

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#124312 - 09/10/06 06:25 PM Re: Truth in Panel ID
Lostazhell Offline

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It looks like someone drew a happy ceiling fan on there

#124313 - 09/10/06 11:25 PM Re: Truth in Panel ID
Check Pilot Offline

Registered: 11/25/05
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Loc: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Now --- uh --- that's not bad at all!

I hope everybody can understand a skull and crossbones.

It might even keep the hackers out.

Good on whoever did that... Right on!

#124314 - 09/11/06 09:43 AM Re: Truth in Panel ID
RSmike Offline

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Loc: Holland, MI USA
In my opinion unless you speak the language you shouldn't be allowed to work in an environment where your ability to read the language/signs could mean the difference between life and death. Seems like a quick way to make a widow a rich lady.

In an industrial setting the Europeans have the right solution by using symbols for everything. As funny as it may be this skull and cross bones is probably a very good universal 'go away' indicator.

Reminds me of the conveyor systems at our site. Some have signs that say 'caution: pinch point' while others have the graphic of a hand being separated from the fingers between two rollers. It looks a little stupid but gets the point across.


#124315 - 09/11/06 01:56 PM Re: Truth in Panel ID
trobb Offline

Registered: 06/08/06
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Loc: Iowa City, IA
And the Euro signs get bonus points for letting us envision our demise(s).

#124316 - 09/11/06 01:58 PM Re: Truth in Panel ID
SvenNYC Offline

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Loc: New York City
That is one happy skull...for sure.

#124317 - 09/12/06 03:09 AM Re: Truth in Panel ID
pauluk Offline

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#124318 - 09/16/06 06:59 PM Re: Truth in Panel ID
BigJohn Offline

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Loc: Boston, MA
Doing new construction I'm constantly scaring the non-english speaking sheetrockers/insulators/cabinet-guys/tin-knockers/paint-sloppers/tile-guys/landscapers (am I missing anyone? ) away from our temp. panels and permanent closets.

I've been meaning to get a bi-lingual sign to discourage people from touching our stuff, and I do believe putting a scull-and-cross-bones on it would really get the point across. Right between DANGER/PELIGRO!


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#124319 - 09/16/06 08:21 PM Re: Truth in Panel ID
Rewired Offline

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Loc: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wish that would have worked around here, first big project I was on, it didnt matter how you labelled or locked the panel, someone would ignore the warning, or pry the lock off and start messing about with the breakers!!


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