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#123930 - 06/15/06 05:29 PM A Really Leaning Pole
electure Offline

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A new customer called a while back, and asked us to straighten up a parking lot pole that had been "knocked out of plumb by a delivery truck". I grabbed a couple of big wrenches & levels, and went on my way.

It wasn't too difficult to find.

(and no this isn't after I finished )

The base was really done with real architectural creativity, but didn't fare too well from the little nudge either.

I think the decorator's motif on this base is called "30 Gallon Rubbermaid", or something like that.

It's being demoed tomorrow, what a shame
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#123931 - 06/15/06 05:47 PM Re: A Really Leaning Pole
renosteinke Offline
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Don't you wish everything was made like Rubbermaid?
#123932 - 06/15/06 06:34 PM Re: A Really Leaning Pole
NORCAL Offline
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Am I seeing correctly that a photocell is mounted on the 2 gang WP plate, or I am blind in one eye and cannot see out of the other? A Rubbermaid can was prob. cheaper then Sonotube,economy seems to outweigh quality.

BTW, did the pole survive or is it scrap?
#123933 - 06/15/06 07:34 PM Re: A Really Leaning Pole
ShockMe77 Offline
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Will you be replacing the entire concrete mount? I'm not sure what the name of that is. I have to assume that the threaded rods have to be replaced before the poll can be set again.
#123934 - 06/15/06 07:35 PM Re: A Really Leaning Pole
ShockMe77 Offline
Registered: 06/11/05
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Loc: Rahway, New Jersey
Oh, "30 Gallon Rubbermaid"

Now I get it!

#123935 - 06/16/06 04:18 PM Re: A Really Leaning Pole
Registered: 12/08/05
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Loc: Titirangi, Akld, New Zealand
Must have been hit by a Big Foot truck or so.
I don't think a family sedan would have caused the damage.
The threaded rods certainly will have to be replaced and possibly the concrete pedestal too, which may crack when the rods are drilled out.
The gangplate looks like it has a lightcell on it. Hopefully the cable is isolated from the supply.
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#123936 - 06/17/06 02:23 AM Re: A Really Leaning Pole
Scott35 Offline

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Scott (Electure);

That Pole + "Base" and Tilt-Up, look kind of familiar!

Would this be in Orange, near the Stadium by chance?

I know I have seen that "Rubbermaid Substitution for A SONO-TUBE" base somewhere, and it had a 40' Lighting Standard attached to it also!
(but when I last saw it, the angle was within 90° by +/- 10°, or simply put - SANS ACCIDENT ...)

The last "Leaning Light Pole Via Automobile Scenario" I got to see was a 3 for 1 event!
Too bad the joker split immediately following the events, because I would have loved to see what the heck he was trying to do, if he was stoned, drunk or just stupid, and if this was intended (see description of event below for good laughs)

This guy starts off by first ramming into the base of a 14 foot Standard, with a single fixture attached to it.

This must have been unacceptable to him, as he immediately backed up, and repeated the procedure again - this time getting the car lined up so a Tire ran up the Parking Bumper, and gave enough front end lift to allow a direct hit to the Light Standard (Pole), which resulted in the pole springing backwards into Tree Branches, then slapping forward enough to snap the mounting base / bolts + washers loose - bringing the pole and fixture down on the car!
(the fixture set its self into the rear window).

Next, of course, comes Panic from the guy who Murdered the Light Pole; so now it's time to throw the car in reverse and floor it!

All is fine for about 3 seconds, until the car's out-of control trajectory brought it face to face with some very large sized Bollards!

Now the Back end of the car has dual matching hemispherical crush zones, with fragments of red paint scattered all around!

Just when you think "The Show Is Over", Mr. Bozo throws it into drive, and once again floors it.

With smoking, squealing tires, he side swipes a vacant parked car.
Waits a few seconds, flips off everyone watching (because we were all laughing our butts off by now!), then flies out of the parking lot - launching the light Pole from his car (as it rolls away during his high speed - semi sideways departure), and achieves final egress from the parking lot.

This event occurred in the parking lot where Food 4 Less, Taco Bell, Arby's and Burger King are located (apx. 2.5 miles west of Disneyland, on the street "named after the farmer's 2 daughters" - combine "Ella" and "Kate").

Just wanted to share this with everyone...

Scott " 35 " Thompson
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#123937 - 06/17/06 06:37 AM Re: A Really Leaning Pole
rad74ss Offline
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Oh come on! Haven't you ever had problems trying to parallel park.
#123938 - 06/17/06 04:09 PM Re: A Really Leaning Pole
briselec Offline
Registered: 12/28/05
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Loc: Brisbane, Australia
The threaded rods certainly will have to be replaced

A large piece of machinery ran over the cage bolts for one of the light poles in a car park I was doing and bent them over far more than those in the pic. The builder wanted me to just straighten them but I told him I wouldn't take the responsibility so he straightened them and got an engineer to inspect them and say they were ok to use. They've been holding a 7.5 metre pole up for nearly 2 years now.
#123939 - 07/03/06 10:33 AM Re: A Really Leaning Pole
Trumpy Offline

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In the 3rd picture, we have the bolts really leaning over, why is that conduit still straight (assuming of course it was inside the pole and of course it's not a new piece)?.
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