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#123884 - 06/01/06 07:52 AM POCO Hole
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This was a new house. The contractor dug the foundation around the power company pedestal, and then poured the walls.

Alan Nadon

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#123885 - 06/01/06 09:21 AM Re: POCO Hole
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"was a new house"???? What happened to make it "was"?

Was the pedestal for the new house? Who screwed up? Surely the POCO wouldn't put a pedestal in the middle of the property for a new service.

I'm going to regret asking but can you actaully have the POCO transformer/pedestal in your home.


#123886 - 06/01/06 11:54 AM Re: POCO Hole
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How on earth could you not see that?.
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#123887 - 06/01/06 03:22 PM Re: POCO Hole
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Someone needs a new tape measure...

#123888 - 06/02/06 09:27 AM Re: POCO Hole
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Ahh I know what happened... Must have used one of our Canadian " Metric Inch" tapes And forgot to multiply by the square root of Pi... Or something like that

#123889 - 06/02/06 10:13 AM Re: POCO Hole
Alan Nadon Offline

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It did become a new house, my verbal "Fox Paw".
Developer shifted some lots to allow them to change the facing of some houses, after the utilities were laid.
The work showed some real talent by the back hoe operator to dig the foundation around the pedestal, miss the Underground wires and still keep the pedestal right side up.
It was energized.
If it was easy, anyone could do it.

#123890 - 06/06/06 05:51 PM Re: POCO Hole
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C'mon guys.... think about 30-40 years from now when this homeowner needs his panel/meter upsized, sooo much easier than having to trench out to the pedestal, one could just put a myers hub right into the top of it

#123891 - 06/15/06 03:12 AM Re: POCO Hole

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Loc: Titirangi, Akld, New Zealand
Desperate for land to build.

Access impossible later on when the supply fuse blows or a cable fault developes.

Whoever is the planner, builder or architect for this house should NEVER get the final inspection papers signed off by the local council unless they get the pillar shifted at the builders cost.
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#123892 - 06/15/06 05:17 AM Re: POCO Hole
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I wish I could find a picture I took about 3 years ago, When the new house was completed the X-former was in the center of the poured driveway, With my Temp service next to it. We had to use a chipping hammer to remove the temp.
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#123893 - 06/17/06 01:39 AM Re: POCO Hole
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May I use this Image as a "What Not To Do / Keep Your Eyes Open" visual scenario, to display during "certain discussions" with Field and Office Personnel?

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